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  1. What is the top-up tank resting on? Can be heavy when filled.
  2. Buy an oversized chiller. If possible, by a factor of one. Specifications by manufacturers are grossly overstated.
  3. How long have you managed to keep your goniopora alive? Post your replies, with photos.
  4. Am looking for other variations of bubble tip anemone. Anyone knows who brings in, or has something to sell?
  5. Flame angels are pretty hardy Check your tank parameters. All livestock, including fish, require a stable environment with good bacteria culture. If your fish keep dying, probability of fault lies with your tank, rather the the fish.
  6. Just leave it be. In a mature tank with lots of live rocks, it will find enough to eat. And given time will come around to accepting other food. It is not a picky eater.
  7. No need permit as far as I know. I've seen double-deck 6-footer b4. Just have to find place it above load-bearing beam. U will need to find out from HDB or town council where the beams are.
  8. Wow impressive. How were able to build up such a wide and varied collection of knock-out corals in such a short time?? Good reefer friends??
  9. Wow. Always thought they reproduce by splitting.
  10. See clown trigger in reef tank!
  11. Btw not considered reef-safe
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