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  1. My old chiller also broke down and I need a new one. I was not able to buy a new one because I am still looking for a cheap offer. Until I will get a new one I am using a rental chiller because this is the best way to bypass the time until I have a new one. Hopefully I will find a cheap offer soon.
  2. This bike is really nice though I don't think I would ever have one. I think that it would be a great ride around my area in Chai Chee and Bedok. I spend my weekends taking it for a ride and even through the major streets coming into malls. I don't think I could just leave it outside though as it looks like it needs a lot of caring knowing it is such a sight to see.
  3. I was able to pay the Maldives a visit and stay in their water villas which are really just nice. Unfortunately, I was not able to bring any gear because I was not with my dive buddies but just my DW for a short celebration. It was pitiful to see the vast and excellent ocean right within your reach but not able to go out even for a short dive. I will be some other time be back and continue what I left undone.
  4. That surely is a problem especially because their plantations still lead to bigger bodies of water that clearly absorb whatever insecticides or even pesticides they use to save their plants. It is quite ironic that whatever stuff you use to save one is harmful when it comes to the other. But things have to be chosen and I bet that a logical solution os to treat water that goes downstream.
  5. Well, we really can't take every specie to the list but that in itself is quite disappointing because we have to be able to get them officially to be able to save them. I mean, it is hard to deal with movements to save specific types of marine animals when you do not know which ones to save. I just hope that there would be laboratories or groups dedicated to finding out the exact population of these animals are in the wild.
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