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  1. Yeah! It's cheap: RM 3/kg. In the shops in KL, LR costs between RM6 and 9/kg. Someone must be interested. This is clean fully cycled LR...
  2. Hello! I got 50 kg LR for sale in Kuala Lumpur (Ampang area). It's nice and clean, fully cycled! All going for RM 150!! PM me if interested. Pick up this saturday 20th morning. Cheers!
  3. (FOR PEOPLE STAYING IN KUALA LUMPUR OR KLANG VALLEY) Hello!! Been in the hobby for 18 months, but I'm moving to a new place where I will have to make renovations for a while. Can't really move my tank... So I'll hang on to the hardware (chiller and lights) in case I decide to start again (second hand value is so low anyway...), but I'm looking for a new good home for the LS. I'm giving all my LS away for free to good candidates! I have - 5 Blue-Green Chromis - 2 Banggai Cardinal - 1 Golden wrasse - 1 yellow tail Damsel - 1 Blue Tang - 1 coral banded shrimp (lost one arm in a battle...) - 1 green plate coral (diam 10 cm) - 1 leather coral - 1 branched LR with Star polyps I got the blue tang when is was just a few cm. It is now a healthy almost 15cm Tang. This is a peaceful tank with quite robust and easy to keep specimens. I also have 50 kg of LR (some with green algae) If you're interested in a 4ft tank with rubberwood cabinet and a small sump, It's going for RM 450. You can PM me or e-mail me: emaildomino at gmail dot com Hope there are some KL people out there!! Cheers
  4. Pity the anemone... it was only getting food...
  5. Is your pump too weak. Looks like it can't provide the pressure to raise the level
  6. Oups!! I realize the pic is to illustrate the principle only... Sorry if the two rotation speed are different (no common multiples) and in opposition, it sould create an interesting periodic "random" movement with a long period. But the thing would need to be quite small and ideally turn verticaly too...
  7. Would such a big thing in the tank look nice or be practical space wise???
  8. I'm against overstocked tanks, but... I must say you got a point there dude!
  9. Hi creetin, is this overflow part of a durso or is it a siphon sytem? I have a DIY siphon system and I put some cotton wool in the vertical pipe where the guzzling noise comes from (but there is no water contact in that spot of course). it makes the system noiseless! If you gave the whole picture of your system it would be easier to say. a hole where you inticate would increase the noise in any way I can think of.
  10. Tanks for the kind comments bro! Coral farming exists today and a number of associations are trying to provide current coral poachers with this new sustainable alternative. this is one link below: Coral farming I had done some research on th subject a while back and had found a nice paper on how to set up a soft coral farm actually STEP BY STEP!! Very interesting. Might give ideas to some You should dowload it and read it. The only reason Coral farming is not so economical today is that it is cheaper and requires less investement and brainwork to tear coral from a natural reef. The end consumer (us) will always tend to buy the cheaper... But if the legislation to protect reef life is passed and enforced for real with fines and prison sentences, it will be a very good industry to be in and provide sustainable jobs to island people. There is a real parallel between marine farming and fresh water farming. At the begining, there was little fresh water farming too until new technics were developped to make it sustainable and economical. Today we are in the infancy of marine farming. Today, Few fish only can be artificially bred economically, like clowns, some damsels and banggai cardinals... but in the future many more probably!! Soft_coral_farm.pdf
  11. I think it is bound to happen sooner or later and I think it's a very positive thing. The conditions in which coral are removed from the sea today are catastrophic and difficult to control with legislation. for enforcing it, it is much easier to target the LFS level of the supply chain. It will take only a while for the industry to devellop a coral farming industry where with a small amountof seed coral, a large quantity of corals will be produced for the hobbyists. This of course will push prices up as coral farming is more expensive. the consequences will be that: -the corals will be transported in better conditions to improve survival rate and LFs will atke better care also - hobbyists will be a lot more careful about knowing their basics by reading up before starting with corals. they will not just get started and expect to learn by experience no matter what the casualties. - hobbyists who cannot or do not want to purchase the appropriate equipment (expensive!!) to recreate a proper environment will not buy so many corals and keep replacing them when they die because they're so cheap anyway. For the environment it will be all thumbs up. The main negative point is that of course, many genuinely good and respectful reefers will have more difficulty affording the hobby economically if they are more limited financially. this will mean that instead of stocking up the tank in 6 months, they should spend 2 years doing it slowly slowly. this is how it happens in europe or the US where marine aquariums is a very expensive hobby because of the LS prices. We all share the love of reefing. I just love it. But deep within myself, I know that the LS belongs in the sea and not in a tank at home for my selfish enjoyement. i also know that a lot of LS is wasted for the sake of this industry. I am guilty. I just try to do my best to reduce my impact. If the LS could be grown in Farms (with reduced impact to the wild life) like it is for the freshwater hobby, I would feel much better.
  12. I always think a skimmer is better than no skimmer. a skimmer helps remove waste from the water and immediately isolate it from the rest of the system: no more contact between the decomposing waste and the tank. A skimmer is also great at oxygenating the water. You could consider a 2011 or red sea prizm hangon skimmers that wouold be outside. As for stocking, take it slow, no need to rush, read up well about what you buy and the requirements in tank size, feeding, compatibility and lighting... Anemones, need very strong lights for example to do well. Take it slow, get more hobby for your money! But hey, the tank looks good! good luck!!
  13. Could you share your tank specs? size, filtration, kg of LR... For good hardy community fish, I would say go for: - a yellow wrasse for a bright flash of yellow - a yellow tail damsel (put in last) for a touch of blue - banggai cardinal because they are special to see, - purple dottyback - and if the system can take it, Can add two clown fish and it will be very colorfull. These fish remain small and will not need too much space to be happy. they are all very compatible for a peacefull community tank. Selecte them well (clean LFS, no white spots, clear eyes, good fins, check if they eat..) add them in slowly (one/ month or so) and you will be succesful. Always bear in mind that tangs get very big, they need space, especially if you want to keep several... Enjoy your tank
  14. You don't seem to have a sump? Best would be to put a sump below if you have space (next to the chiller maybe?) The sump wil give you best flexibility to operate you tank and test new techniques. Otherwise, you can also get Hang-on type skimmers like the weipro 2014 and a powerhead inside the main tank to make it work. Even your chiller pump can be shifted inside the main tank. it doesn't have to be absolutely in that little space... hope this helps.
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