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  1. Posting on behalf of my Friend. Teco TK1000 1/4HP chiller, he’s the first owner, and used it for 1.5years++ and its now in his store room. Those who are keen, viewing will be at Simei. He’s asking for $600 I’ll be posting up a picture once he sends it to me.
  2. Everything that is included is in the box. Looking to let go at $90.
  3. Able to let go next week during National Day holiday..
  4. 4ft ATI 54x8 Sunpower Non dimmable Unit is in great condition, refer to pictures. Fans are newly replaced for the next owner. Interested buyers can drop me a PM.. Looking to let go at $480
  5. 1x Onyx Picasso 2.5inches 1x Onyx (full black) 2inches Letting go this beautiful pair at 450. Videos can be sent via WhatsApp. PM with your contact if you’re keen. Thank you.
  6. I have a black DD slimline bracket for 45cm tanks.. I’m looking to swop it for the black 50cm version. Trying my luck here, and if anyone else is interested to buy do drop me a PM.
  7. Looking for - Super nova, - Sunkist - Tyree Rasta. - Everlasting Gobstooper - Candy Apple red Please PM me if you have the above.. thanks!
  8. posting on behalf of my Friend. Aquaroche rocks to let go at $180. Collection in the east
  9. 1 big frag of xenias left. And 2 small xenias for $20.
  10. Remaining frags have grown quite a bit.. Clearance - small frags 1 for $15, 2 for $20 Big frags 1 for $25, 2 for $35
  11. Anybody interested in a colony of pulsing xenias? This one is going at $80. 20heads ++
  12. Pink monti with purple polyps. Mystic sunset $80 for this encrusted frag. Looking for sunset monti, if you have I’m happy to trade
  13. Hi.. yes. I’ll reply PMs shortly!
  14. Hi guys.. clearing some of my zoas, all are stable frags. PM if you’re interested, thanks!
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