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  1. Wtg 2 x par38 LED bulbs

    Collected by a friendly reefer..thks for the milo..
  2. Wtg 2 x par38 LED bulbs

  3. Wtg 2 x par38 LED bulbs

    Hi all, giving away 2 x par38 led bulbs n holders..must take all.. 1 full spectum n 1 blue white Collection at woodlands (s)735788 Fcfs..pm me for contact
  4. Wtg big blue tub

  5. Hi all, selling the following due to decomm at $30.. pm me to deal..collection place can b discussed later..
  6. Wtg big blue tub

  7. Wtg big blue tub

    Hi all, this blue tub is free from another reefer thus giving it away now too due to decomm..its a great use for wc..pls arrange ur own transport..its ard 130cm by 86cm by 45cm..pm me
  8. Wts tunze 6045

  9. Wts tunze 6045

    Wts tunze nanostream 6045 @ $20..deal at woodlands crescent or $5 more delivery to ur place..pm me to discuss
  10. Skimmer sk251 sold Jebao DCT12000 sold
  11. Maxspect lights sold Vibrant sold Skimmer sk251 reserved Jebao DCT12000 reserved
  12. Tankset come with filter sock n functional ATO system..
  13. Beta box sold.. Vibrant reserved..
  14. Hi all, decomm sales.. 5ft 2.5ft 2ft tank with 4ft sump n ATO (cleaned) $500 maxspect light razor 120w x2 $150 each -reserved jebao pump DCT 12000lph $100 skimz skimmer sk251 $250 Dymax pump 2500lph $15 Beta box 3 compartments from Gemsurf $15 Vibrant 80-90% left $40 60cm by 30cm by 35cm acrylic tank (ideal for QT) $10 Deal at woodlands crescent (tank set) or a convenient place for us (other equipment)..pm to discuss..a lot of freebies with purchase too..grab them while they last..thks for viewing