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  1. Thanks for the info bro! Will consider that light
  2. Its a pain in the ass trying to get a great led fixture for my upcoming 10G Cube. Any one can recommend me good nano led fixture?
  3. I was cheated by a lfs, and i felt so guilty over the dead copperbanded. Before buying, i did ask what do they feed, and i was told mysis. Bought them, and it doesn't want to eat
  4. Hey bros. My question is, how long does it takes for a RBTA to merged back into one after splitting? It has been 4 hrs and my RBTA still remains the same. Haven't merged it's body yet.
  5. I'm thinking of getting a 10w Led Floodlight since there's 50% discount for my 1ft cube. White in color. Any pros and cons?
  6. My RBTA has white spots in them & the tenticle are not that much. Meaning that i can see the "plate" of the rbta. Is it healty?
  7. How is your SPS doing bro? Any updates?
  8. Did u have any intention to add more lights for your tank? SPS loves strong lights..
  9. My setup is slightly fimiliar only that mine is slightly bigger. Only dosing a drop of MicroBacter7 daily. AquaZonic Clip On lighting. Not using any skimmer. 500Ml to 1Litre of waterchange daily. Thinking of adding SPS, i will add more lights of course.
  10. Try aquarium artist. Info is in the Sponsors Forum
  11. Hey bros. I'm looking for this equipments; Jebao WP10. Clip on LED for cube/ Dymax Zon NX5. HOB refugium. Any marine specialised shop that is selling the equipments above?
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