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  1. 19p mini-colony sold Rest still available.
  2. Cheap cheap at less than $4 /polyp. PM if interested. Collection Postal 100059
  3. Which type and whats the diff. Their media size also different. How to know which to use?
  4. Sera Siporax Algovec Professional or Sera Siporax Bia Active Professional? How frequently or do they need to be washed every now and then?
  5. Ever since I started my pico and then change to nano tank, many years ago, I have been using the normal ceramic/bio rings in my tank, those old un-branded type. Now want to switch them with either Maxspect or Marinepure balls. Would like a gauge from this portal, which is the more popular type to use. All feedback, suggestions, recommendation are most welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  6. PM for interest. Collection Telok Blangah, near Safra Mount Faber, on Saturday 5pm onwards. Pic taken straight from iPhone. No color enhancement.
  7. This 2 paired up for a few years already. Can’t remember when they first spawned.
  8. Sadly I don't have the time to rear the fries. Thus they come and they go.
  9. After so many spawns, finally managed to capture the process this time. 048C7CB4-7754-412B-9087-251877EC6AA7.mov
  10. Letting go this hand-size Leather Coral for $50. My clown keeps irritating it by dropping sand on it, thus won’t open fully most of the time. PM if interested.
  11. Serious Bro? How big is your tank, that causes the consumption to double?
  12. You said "increase to", meaning before tank, your full electricity bill was below $100. After tank, it is over $100. So how much was the increase itself due to inclusion of tank? And what is your tank capacity/size?
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