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  1. WTS Sunny-D

    Hopefully clearer pics
  2. WTS Sunny-D

    PM for interest. Collection Telok Blangah, near Safra Mount Faber, on Saturday 5pm onwards. Pic taken straight from iPhone. No color enhancement.
  3. Clownfish spawning

    This 2 paired up for a few years already. Can’t remember when they first spawned.
  4. Clownfish spawning

    Sadly I don't have the time to rear the fries. Thus they come and they go.
  5. Clownfish spawning

  6. Clownfish spawning

    After so many spawns, finally managed to capture the process this time. 048C7CB4-7754-412B-9087-251877EC6AA7.mov
  7. WTS Leather Coral

    Letting go this hand-size Leather Coral for $50. My clown keeps irritating it by dropping sand on it, thus won’t open fully most of the time. PM if interested.
  8. Electric consumption

    Serious Bro? How big is your tank, that causes the consumption to double?
  9. Electric consumption

    You said "increase to", meaning before tank, your full electricity bill was below $100. After tank, it is over $100. So how much was the increase itself due to inclusion of tank? And what is your tank capacity/size?
  10. Yes, if you use this method, please make sure all Vinegar are washed away before introducing Bleach. These 2 liquids mix to produce Chlorine, which is toxic/poisonous at high levels.
  11. Your infestation looks really bad. If pieces of the LR are removable and not having any corals, maybe take it out and kill it. Then let the peppermint shrimps take care of the balance. Alternatively, remove the LR with corals, isolate them in your sump/refugium/separate tank together with the peppermints and let them slowly eat it up.
  12. Is Carpet Anemone reef safe

    Most (if not all) carpet anemone I see are always on the floor. Is it that carpet need less lights than most anemone?
  13. Is Carpet Anemone reef safe

    I have always had this impression that Carpet Anemone is dangerous, as your tank inhabitants could accidentally swim/walk too close to it and touch its sticky tentacles, thus become anemone food. Would like to hear more comments and feedback on this coral. Thanks.
  14. Sunny-D Morph

    Dunno why my Sunny-D on LR morphed, but those on frag tray stayed the same. Strange, but nice surprise:)
  15. my 1st nano reef tank

    I'm also very curious about the HOB tank. How is the water pump in and how it flows out? Does it need a specially designed/shaped tank to do it, or would any tank work? And most importantly, what's the chances of overflow from the HOB.