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  1. hi, may i know what is the size of the queen and french in sealife? And also the cost?
  2. Ah beng still got soha tang, grey angel, ear spot angel, emperor, blue face...
  3. Ah beng just came in very nice Queen, Chrysurus, Grey, Rock Beauty, Flameback, Mitratus, Twin Spot Wrasse, Polleni Grouper and big Super sun.
  4. Ah beng just came in Queen Angel, Rock Beauty, Grey Angel, Chrysurus Angel and White Faced Butterflyfish.
  5. Ah Beng came in flameback angel, queen angel and ear spot angel.
  6. Hi, may I know what's the size of rock beauty and price at LCK?
  7. JAWz 3ft Partition Tank

    hi bro, I saw 3 adult emperor at Ah Beng's farm, but 1 is sold.
  8. Hi. May I know what's the size and price of the queen angel at LCK 201?
  9. Cure for Ich/Parasite

    Hi, Where can I get this Microlift herbtana?