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  1. Yea [emoji51] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Hehe, recent oz and Maldives shipment.
  3. WB needs to be adjusted, posting some updates to my tank after 2 months..
  4. white is dead rock and see attached for purple.
  5. I am having issues linking my reeflink to my ecotech devices. Reeflink does not detect these devices.. anyone has any advice? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the advice bro.. couple of ideas.. 1. reduce length of overflow 2. Redo cover to extend into media area to prevent splashes 3. Reduce pump power ... but that will reduce my current in dt.. so will be adding another wavemaker after cycling
  7. Paiseh, didn't write clearly. Ordered rodi water so tested tds but shocked to see such a high number. That was when I found out it they deliver nsw instead. Haiz...
  8. Flow from 1.5x L1! Wonder how many times my tank water will turn.. IMG_2003.MOV
  9. Wanted to cycle with rodi, ended up with nsw. Well, it was a genuine mistake so hopefully no future problem..
  10. Finally finally, tank is here and I am scaping again..
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