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  1. Hi Guys, Size: 4.5 cm length Price: $80.00 Text me at 9773 0323 Thanks Photo of colony taken today. Photo of colony with polyps retracted to check number of heads.
  2. Posting on behalf of a fellow reefer. Due to an upgrade of his tank, he's willing to let go a 3 months old Maxspect razor 60W. It is under warranty and still functioning as new. Bought it at S$390 and selling away for S$250. Contact 98771747 if interested. Collection at bukit batok. Thank you.
  3. UFO chalice .

    Thank you sir! See you on Saturday.
  4. UFO chalice .

    Andtsg, Thanks for your query. Participants need to be around during the draw. No proxy accepted. Hope that clarifies.
  5. UFO chalice .

    Hi guys, Thanks for the supports and interests: Strictly 1 frag per person. SGD30/frag payable upon successful draw. No pre-booking even if they are my parents. This is to be fair to everyone as some of you guys already started contacted since last evening. After much deliberations and the overwhelming response, we decided to hold a draw. We will accept your purchase base on the below: 1) Present during the frag sales 2) Fill in the UFO booking form and place into UFO box 3) Like MASS, Pinnacle and SRC Facebook page 4) Wait for confirmation and pay UFO Frag draw will be done at 11am and the 10 lucky reefers will walk away with a confirmation to collect it from Mike. MASS EXCO not allowed to participate in this. MASS reserve the rights to disqualify any suspected foul play and our decision will be final. Hope this arrangement is fair to all.
  6. UFO chalice .

    Thank you Mike for your kind supports. As posted on our frag sales thread, the timing will be 9-12 this Saturday at Pinnacle. See you guys!
  7. WTB - 4ft Arowana Tank

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all those that responded, some of your tanks really are good but unfortunately my friend decided to KIV the project.
  8. Hi guys, Helping a friend to source for a 4ft arowana tank with stand. Please whatsapp me details if you have. 97730three2three.
  9. WTB Kessil A350W

    Looking for the above for a friend. Please text me to deal - 97730323. Thanks.
  10. WTB Kessil A350W

    Looking for the above for a friend. Please text me to deal - 97730323. Thanks.
  11. TritonLab Professional Water Analysis

    Interesting, hopefully price is not too prohibitive.