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  1. Interesting, hopefully price is not too prohibitive.
  2. Both lower MH and Egg Crate will work. I prefer the formal as it is more gradual, try to do it within a minimum period of 7-10 days as any shorter may not be too ideal.
  3. Wow, this is finally the "Return of Hon" we are all waiting for.
  4. Bro, I thought you are Muslim? How come you donating to CDAC?
  5. Agree too la. Sometimes I think its a bad move by Gov to make it an obligation for us to donate. But I still urge that we take some time to find out more about these organizations before we pull the plug on them just because of a few bad sheep.
  6. From my knowledge, Leafy Sea Dragon is controlled and only sold to public aquarium. Last I saw is at Underwater World Sentosa.
  7. Don't cancel CDAC donation leh, they only asked for $1 comparing with others. I was one of the many that benefited from they Tuition centre and also of their student bursaries. Without it, I will not be able to sit here typing this post. Bros, maybe you guys can visit CDAC and check them out, they are really helping the lower income citizens, be in students or workers. http://www.cdac.org.sg/eng/about_us/about_us.htm
  8. If you are feeding clams in Reef tank, please be careful of your nutrients level. IMHO, it is best to entice new fishes to eat in a separate tank first before introducing into your main tank.
  9. Welcome to SRC, you have come to the right forum. This is the forum to be if you want to know more friends specializing on Marine and Reef.
  10. More correctly - they are protogynous hermaphrodites i.e. Juv > female > male.
  11. Sim Lim Tower or some hardware shops but do note there are not cheap. Alternative is to get those food container from Daiso and DIY.
  12. Another way to increase SG slowly with minimal stress to LS is through evaporation. This can be donw through your weekly water change regime. 1) If for example your weekly water change is "Y" litre of water 2) Prepare "Y" x 1.1 litre of water (10% more) 3) Siphon out "Y" litre of water and replace with Y1.1 4) Test SG at the end of the week and adjust with necessary With this, as the water evaporate the salt remains and will increase your SG slowly and "naturally" as LS are used to slight change of SG during drought seasons. HTH
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