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  1. *SPECIAL POST* TIME! A long overdue HELLO to fellow reefers!! I haven't been updating this space because quite frankly, taking the same kind of pictures over and over again is kinda redundant. Especially since a nano world runs out of alternate angles pretty quickly. But today's post is not an ordinary one. Because exactly one year ago, this happened: And this post is to celebrate the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my tank! I tend to nerd-out on things like that so come enjoy this mini celebration with me. I've come a really really long way. As you can clearly see. But of course I didn't do it on my own. The real mastermind behind the success of my tank is my boyfriend. He's been reefing way before I even knew what a bubble algae was. So a big woohoo to him. And this is my tank today: I know every time I take these FTSes it looks like I don't have any fish in there. So here's some proof of life: I must say I am pleasantly surprised at how well the tank is doing. It did go through one or two rough patches but it recovered fairly quickly. So much effort goes into maintaining a tank. Those of you with much bigger oceans at home, I salute you. Really commendable. It's nice to be back here writing again! But it's time I slept this stupid cold I'm having off. Bleagh. And in true gingerwrasse fashion, I shall conclude this commemorative post with pictures of my cats.
  2. LELONG LELONG. WTS: Pink octo. $30 Christmas is coming. And this looks quite festive, yes? As you can see it's getting a little too big for my 34L ocean. So I'm letting it go, at the same price I got it. Its head opens fully to roughly the size of a fist. The skeleton is half of it's original size because it was a shared frag. But the head opens nicely so hey great news for him and his new owner. Leave me a note if you're interested!
  3. Hey bro so sorry I missed your message. My photo period is from 6pm to 12:30am. My tank is outdoors so I'm not that concerned with their light intake in the day. Also this way, the tank is nicely lit by the time I get home from work. Haha. Intensity- 6-7pm: 0-40% blue 7-8pm: 50% white, 50% blue 8-10pm: 75% white, 75% blue 10-11pm: 25% white, 50% blue 11pm-12:30am: 50-0% blue By the way, it appears glaring in pictures because the iPhone camera is lousy with LED light. In reality it's fairly nicely lit. Hope this helps!
  4. Oh dear so sorry for the messages that I missed. Been so busy with work. Although it's hardly an excuse. Just slipped my mind to post here! But then again, even if I'd wanted to post anything here, I must say that nothing much has changed. Until today. I got myself a pair of: Thanks to Marcovan for picking these up at LCK! Truly a steal. A pair for $30? The moon must've gone blue. Also, my entire sunflower zoa colony has mysteriously melted. What a tragedy. They were my pioneer zoas. GONE. Sian. Anyway. Here's the latest FTS. I think the most noticeable difference is the GSP. They grew out of the water. I don't know if they know what's best for them... And finally, here's a tribute to my sunflower zoa colony. You had a good run! I'll try to update more, reefers. In the meantime, be good out there. My cats say hi.
  5. A LOOOOONG overdue HELLO, reefers! In case you're wondering, my tank is still very much alive and kicking. Touch wood. Although it recently went through what I thought was a beginning-of-a-crash phase. Here's what happened. The overflow compartment of my IOS decided to clog itself and this of course restricted the circulation and flow of the water. And in that mere 6-8 hours I was away at work, I lost both my UFO chalice and a blue-green one (I never even knew his name, cry), along with a few frags of SPS and a clam. The water became thick and brown, and slimy crap covered its entire surface. That evening was pretty rough because the situation seemed bleak at best. Haha. But after 2-3 sessions of water change, things got much better. Heng all the fish survived. Especially my black snowflakes. All this happened a couple of days before my trip to Melbourne. You can imagine how concerned I was before leaving. Fortunately my tank survived nicely the 10 days I was away. Except for the fact that the diatoms decided to throw a massive rave party on every inch of my glass. But now that I'm back and with the diatoms at bay, things are looking pretty good! I would say that my radioactive bird nest is the only SPS that can survive in my tank. The rest just gave up on themselves and remained brown. The blue cest is doing mighty well too! I see new shoots. Always a nice sight. Recently acquired these giant rics. Well almost anything normal sized can pass off as a giant in my tank actually. But I love these guys. And I dunno what these gobies are eating but they have developed a rather chubby appearance. Look at that tummy. Worse than my fat cat you know. Say hello to my new friend! This mimic blenny's name is Storm. And no he's not a fang tooth blenny. This guy evolved to look like them so that predators think these impostors are just as dangerous. Heard that somewhere. And mimic blennies feast on algae so that's GREAT. So so beautiful too. Now for the sign off. Today's FTS. Goodnight everyone!
  6. Hi bro. Sorry for the late reply! Haven't check this space in awhile. I don't really remember how much is got it for but it's around $120 I think. I have no sump. It has an IOS system at the back! And also, I'm not a bro. Hahaha
  7. But mine is a 3-in-1. Macro, wide angle and fisheye. Quality's really good too!
  8. Hi. I clamped it to the side of my tank. It's not possible to clamp it to the back.
  9. I'd love a bigger tank but I don't have space for that. I'll just have to do a little crowd controlling every now and then.
  10. Haha yes he's a strange fish. And thanks! Yes my cats are Scottish folds.
  11. I'm inviting all of you to post your own before-and-after FTS's here. Have fun!
  12. Very philosophical take on reefing. Fresh. Thanks Uncle Mike. We should continue to do what we love. Will post a video FTS next time. Or rather... FTV.
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