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  1. WTB Poccipora

    Hi all, looking for the above!
  2. WTB Livestock

    Hi all, Looking for the following livestock! 1. Zoas 2. Red dragon 3. Fibre optic pocci 4. Pink stylo 5. Red stag 6. Black clownfish pair Do PM me or ctc me at 90934940 if you have any of the above! Cheers!
  3. WTS: Purple Gonio

    Hi all, selling this piece of purple goniopora for $70 (can see new growth at the sides). Open to trade for zoas, fibre optic pocci, bright purple digi, and stylo as well (with the necessary top up of value from either sides). Location: West 90934940

    Hi all, looking for ponape birdnest! Do PM me if you have any frags for sale! Thanks! Attached picture for reference:
  5. WTB Black Clownfish Pair

  6. Hi all, Looking for a pair of black clowns! Do let me know if u see any or are selling! Thanks! Cheers!
  7. Hi all, Looking for the above! Do PM me if you have! Thanks!
  8. WTS Quarrantine Box

    Hi all, have this QT box to sell! Centre divider can be removed Price - $20 Location - Clementi
  9. Hi all, Looking for Birds of Paradise and pink birdnest! Do ctc me at 9o93494o! Cheers, Titus
  10. As above! Preference in the West! 9o93494o
  11. WTB Dosing Pump

    Ups ups
  12. WTB RBTA and cheap SPS

  13. WTB RBTA and cheap SPS

  14. WTB Dosing Pump

    Hi all, Looking for Jebao dosing pump! Do PM me if available! Thanks! Cheers!