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  1. any help would be appreciated. Have dipped it before in proreef coral dip..
  2. My yellow elegance coral , the favourite in my tank has been slowly dying. It has been having fluffy cotton looking white substances on its flesh that can be removed or blown away by the wavemaker. here's a pic. the rest of the corals in my tank , including other lps and lps are doing wonderful.
  3. Hi . I have been trying to contact your retail office for enquires on the red sea reefer nano max (21 gallons) model. Possible for you guys to send me a price quotation ? Also , does it come ready with an ato system ?
  4. Hi Fuel can pm me cost of helfrenchi goby , will be going down to purchase tomorrow.
  5. Any helfrenchi ? Been looking everywhere. Either too far or out of stock.
  6. Since spinning the stones are important when running zeovit , i thought of using the hamster wheel style jns omega 1 reactor to spin the stones with centrifugal force. Any disadvantages to this ? Any zeovit pros able to advise ?
  7. For those worried about the quality of their tap water but not yet using an ro/di unit, i would recommend placing a bag of a high quality carbon in the pail of freshly-mixed saltwater during water changes, before adding the water to the tank, for some peace of mind. This helps to improve water quality by absorbing if they are present, some of the heavy metals and removes gelbstoff (the compounds that give water in an aquarium the yellow tint), some large organic molecules,chlorine, pollutants and toxins, as well as many other types of chemical elements and compounds from the water that a protein skimmer or mechanical filter is not able to remove.
  8. Many if not, most believe that tap water contains impurities contributing to an increased amount of nitrates and phosphates thus leading to unhealthy corals and excessive algae growth. But many have also reported that it is not necessary because Singapore's tap water is rather safe for use in our systems of course subject to the neighbourhood we live in. So, my personal take on this is that,it may be a good but not an absolutely necessary item to keep a reef tank.
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