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  1. Bought a cheap handphone waterproof case to get some in tank shots. Turned out quite ok.
  2. About 20 heads duncan. Looking to trade for the following. Scoly, ice fire enchinata, nice acros, jawbreakers. PM me if interested to trade or buy
  3. Good to see you back! Looking forward to ur awesome tank
  4. Ups price reduced to $140 plus FOC delivery island wide
  5. Pls note this reactor can only be used in sump
  6. Selling this aqua excel chaeto reactor for $150. Pickup at bukit batok or $10 delivery island wide based on my schedule. PM me if interested. still in good working condition. Bought about 3 months ago.
  7. Some full tank shots. All hair algae is finally gone. Very happy with the results. some suggestion is to let the medication be in the water a few days more. No need to change water so quickly.
  8. wow that is a very nice tank. do you use any reefing system? Do share ur secret to such a beauty and stable tank
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