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  1. Cable Trunking

    I bought from madpetz
  2. WTB> Bubble magus curve 5 skimmer

    To add on prefer the elite series
  3. Looking for a used bubble magus curve 5 skimmer. Pm me if you have one to let go
  4. Product Review: Tropic Marine

    Thanks for the info can share where u get and how much is it?
  5. Types of supplement

    Dont think there is a calcium reactor for that small a tank. If ur consumption is really high can just get those b-ionic 2 part and use a dosing pump
  6. Redsea Reefer 350 restart

    Nice looking tank! Looking forward to more pics
  7. A Euphyllia Dom Tank!

    Wow it looks amazing!
  8. Octo not eating

    Cool! Got any pics of ur octo and ur setup
  9. Button scolly green apple

    Can i reserve the scoly
  10. How to reduce nitrates

    Can do water change to reduce it. Also are u using rodi water?
  11. 3D print

    Wow cool. Do u have the printer? What else are u able to print?
  12. Scratches

    i tried cerium oxide. Messy and hard to remove scratches also. I used too high speed drill n spoiled the glass. Looked so ugly. End up i just brought my 2ft tank to atlantic glass industry n change the front panel to crystal glass. Was only $30. Whats the dimension of ur tank. Maybe easier to just change the front panel.
  13. Lorenzo's Humble Reef

    Thats an awesome looking tank. Do share how u maintain such stable parameters without a sump
  14. Refugium Set Up correctly?

    Are those mangroves on the right?