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  1. Octo not eating

    Cool! Got any pics of ur octo and ur setup
  2. Button scolly green apple

    Can i reserve the scoly
  3. How to reduce nitrates

    Can do water change to reduce it. Also are u using rodi water?
  4. 3D print

    Wow cool. Do u have the printer? What else are u able to print?
  5. Scratches

    i tried cerium oxide. Messy and hard to remove scratches also. I used too high speed drill n spoiled the glass. Looked so ugly. End up i just brought my 2ft tank to atlantic glass industry n change the front panel to crystal glass. Was only $30. Whats the dimension of ur tank. Maybe easier to just change the front panel.
  6. Lorenzo's Humble Reef

    Thats an awesome looking tank. Do share how u maintain such stable parameters without a sump
  7. Refugium Set Up correctly?

    Are those mangroves on the right?
  8. Mason Jarquarium

    Nice how do u keep it cool?
  9. Dun think it is possible to run it without skimmer. Usually they advise to put the output of the biopellet reactor next to the skimmer so that it can remove the waste once the bacteria has consumed the nutrients. Thats how the nutrients r removed from the tank. If u dont have a skimmer the bacteria will breakdown and release the nutrients back
  10. Eshopps

    Nice. Will you be bringing in their overflow boxes too? Looking forward to that
  11. Post a Reef pics and Win !

    Heres my jewel. Survived thru a few tank crash. With me a few yrs but still same size
  12. WTS> Hydra 26HD Black

    final price $350!
  13. Hilmi's reef tank

    Ur tank is even nicer if u see it in person
  14. WTS> Hydra 26HD Black

    With some wires to hang. I will provide free delivery. Going at $370