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  1. Anyone have chaeto to spare? Preferably around bukit batok.
  2. So far I am using aquaforest normal reef salt. Quite happy with it
  3. Sorry the title is wrong. The nyos is 0.75 with dock
  4. Bought unit in August 2019. Still have warranty. Both dock and canister bought for around $230 brand new. Selling for $180. Collection at bukit batok
  5. Selling leopard wrasse. Want to reduce bio load. Kept for about 2months. Eating pellets. $40 collection at bukit batok.
  6. Selling the following hang on skimmer. $30. Collection at bukit batok.
  7. Used more than a year. Reason for selling to upgrade to bigger chiller. A bit of scratches at the lower corner side. Doesn't affect performance. Selling price $500. Collection at bukit batok. Additional $20 for delivery.
  8. Bro I should have one. Pm me ur number I send u a pic when I get back
  9. Why not compatible with triton? Thought it's just a filtration system.
  10. For a small tank can actually just use DI and carbon. I managed to achieve 0 TDS and can last quite awhile. Also no waste water. I run 4 cannisters. 2 carbon 2 DI resin
  11. Left the chaeto reactor. The rest all reserved
  12. Selling the following. Collection at Bukit batok. Delivery fee of $10 based on my schedule. Kaomer dosing pump still in working condition -$50 foc mag, kh, cal powder, dosing container Skimz calcium reactor never touched water (only open to swap out of the dosing tubes)- $20 Chaeto reactor (have slow leak in base. Still can use in sump) -$30 Skimz media reactor-$20
  13. Try nopox. Have u measured ur phosphates?
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