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  1. Light collected by a nice bro. Left tank $1000, 5ft x 2.5ft
  2. ATI Sunpower reserved. Tank and cabinet $1000 firm.
  3. If can collect by this week, Tank:$1000 (got quote 3k-4k+ for tank this size) Light:$650 (now selling 900+) Take both $1600
  4. Tank: $1200 57" x 28" x 20"(h) with sump. 12mm Thick, not even touch water, braceless solid build. Only small chip at the corner of the cabinet. ATI Sunpower 8x80w:$800 Brand New with tubes. Not even open up. All in box. Take both $1800 (slight nego if pick up within this week) Self arrange for mover. Contact me at 93890572
  5. No taker? Price reduce to $450 Both Atlantik and Nilus!!
  6. Review from reefbuilders: https://reefbuilders.com/2013/06/07/orphek-atlantik-review/ Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  7. Upz, will throw in orphek nilus all for $500, both I bought total $2.9k brand new.. With both units can easily cover entire 4ft tank. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  8. BTW, I bought the light @ 1.6k. selling at $500. Contact me @ 93890572
  9. Hi, 1 set of Orphek Alantik Gen 1 for sale @ $500 I am the first owner. Condition 8/10 as one of the UV not working. the rest working nicely. Good for 3ft. 1 set can cover whole tank!
  10. reserved. will updare again thanks
  11. Fishes will be given to the tank buyer for free..1 x mytery wrasse1pair x picasso clown (nice pattern)1 x yellow tang1x purple tang1x pink tail trigger (reef safe/fish safe)1x yellow wrasse
  12. my tank still look like this with fishes only..
  13. Hi all reefer, due to another baby I got to take a break thus selling the setup. Equipment list 1)Orphek Nilus x1 2) Orhek Alantik V1 x1 3)Ehiem return pump X2 4)1/3 JBJ chiller x1 5)Skimz Skimmer (forgot which model but definitely overkill for 422)x1 6)Tank 4x2x2 12mm all brace (very minor scratches) 7)Bio pellet reactor x1 and ect.. many more things which i lazy to list, and many more free stuff like dsoing pump, additive, test kit, new bucket of salt and ect to be given. Definitely suitable for reef setup. All quality LR will be given for free too.. Everything $1500 nett Self transportation. Collection at CCK. Thanks for viewing
  14. Sorry for not able to reply to all. All firshes are reserved at the moment..
  15. Price reduce to clear fast. Melanerus $10Flame Hawk $35
  16. Thanks bro tofu and ezman for the up! Tank reserved!
  17. Mystery wrasse reserved. Black ice reserved.
  18. Mystery wrasse reserved. Pls take note, black ice single clown.
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