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  1. Finally! New place...new tank!

    Can be solved no issues just do minor adjustments and moniter the Livestocks Cheers bro
  2. Finally! New place...new tank!

    Ah Beng bro! Good luck
  3. 3+2 Angelfish Reef Tank by KZ (kkk121)

    Bro your tank is sweeeee!
  4. Coral for sales.

    Bro your inbox full interested in some
  5. Finally! New place...new tank!

    Good bro but do keep in mind its 110% more Easier Elevating Your Mag Levels Safely with the Liquid Mag..most algae fights use liquid mag Anyway hope to some good results mag levels from 1500-1700 really affect the algae a Just makesure your dont have Crustaceans they can't handle high mag levels
  6. Tofu's 4ft Reef tank

    Tank looking great bro! I see you got the anthais already..
  7. WTS SSC

    Wow 15 Strawberry shortcakes that's insane la.. I think the most SSC in one tank in the world is this bro Waiting for your FTS Reddevilz can't wait
  8. Murphy's Law knocked My Door with my tank..time to kick it back

  9. Looking for red monti

    "if" You are Coming To Jb anytime soon I Can pass you redMonti Frags encrusting and non encrusting Cheers!
  10. WTS SSC

    Nice SSC Frags Hideaki
  11. Nice tank man..learn from your mistakes it can be bitter but plants a lot of experience in Us
  12. Finally! New place...new tank!

    Not me but one of my close friend won the battle with mg with bryspsis..no comment about the other algaes tho
  13. Finally! New place...new tank!

    Can try the high MG method raise mg using Kent tech-M it will slowly kill the bryspsis proven and tested
  14. Bunster's 2 feet tank

    Solid! It has really changed a lot bro..awesome tank will fat lps!