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  1. Agreed with Sherilyn91 I tried to find one for my HNS skimmer end up got one Deltec SC1455.
  2. Upz. Egg Crate $10. Tunze Nano 6020 $38.
  3. Selling the followings. 1) Tunze nanostream 6020 bought 8 Oct 2014 with invoice to proof,used only 20min too weak for my tank selling $42. 2) Egg Crate 4' x 2' bought 2 weeks ago selling $12. Self collect in west area. PM me.
  4. Looking for green monti anyone selling?
  5. Have 3 big pcs of rocks to sell.
  6. Selling a used H&S Skimmer F2001-150 body only without pump.
  7. Selling a length of 217cm aluminium profile 30 x 30 for $18. Left over after DIY a light stand as need to buy a length of 5M from the shop.
  8. As per topic looking for a cabinet for my 3x2x2 tank.
  9. Selling a used arctica chiller 1/5hp for $350. Will test for buyer. PM me for details.
  10. Thanks Just saw your reply. Happy New Year!
  11. Anyone selling Arctica chiller 1/3hp?
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