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  1. Hi, I am looking for good colour and nice pattern Maxima or Squamosa Clam. If you have one to sell or decom your tank do let me know. Thanks.
  2. R those crocea clam ? Do u have maxima or sqamosa
  3. Hi, I am interested in his AT. Let me know if it is for sale
  4. A more effective way for me is to apply hydrogen peroxide on the affected area. It actually slow down the spreading
  5. I have similar type of algae in my tank. Don't think it is cynao, reads abt this red algae in one of the forum. Must be transported into yr tank fr live rocks or coral. Once in yr tank, will be hard to remove. I tried brushing as well but it will come back v fast.
  6. There is no easy way to completely remove bubble algae. Mine has been around for awhile. U just have to keep removing it by hand and during water change and hope it will go away. Emerald crab will eat these algae. U can get some to help with the removal. However the crab will most likely burst the bubble and release the spore before eating. Hence the bubble algae will continue to reappear.
  7. Hi Bro, I am interested in C, D and F
  8. Unfortunately both my seahorse r male. Hope to get my hand on a female Reidi and see whether they can breed
  9. It is possible to keep seahorse on enriched brine shrimp. Just need to make sure there is a constant supply. I have this pair of Reidi since jun last year. Both have grown and still doing well. Chiller is a must and have a big enough tank to house a pair or two.
  10. No need to use chiller for brine shrimp tank. But need to use sponge type of filter instead of those filter with pump. Also can let the algae grow so that brine shrimp will feed on it
  11. Your FR design seem to be different from those FR I have used before ( 2 little fishes, deltec and vertex). The rowaphos need to go under the sponge so that it will not be blown out of the FR. water inlet should be via the right inlet, thru the tube down to the sponge
  12. seahorses are indeed very adorable and will not swim away even when my hand is in the water. I can even feed them from my hand. Their diet is primarily enriched brine shrimp. I mean live brine shrimp enriched with selcon and phytofeast. I have a 2 feet tank setup for the brine shrimp
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