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  1. Hi, Kindly appreciate your advise/info where I could buy TLF ReBorn and ReMag for Calcium Reactor media in Singapore? Thanks
  2. Hi, I will visiting Singapore soon and will be looking for KZ T5 bulbs. Anyone can give information which reef store who sell it? Thanks
  3. Pacific Sun Kore 5th doser

    Hi Admin, Thanks a lot for prompt reply. I will contact them
  4. Pacific Sun Kore 5th doser

    Hi, First of all, hopefully I post my query on the right forum topic. I'm looking for Pacific Sun Kore 5th dosing pump. Anyone could share information where I could get it in Singapore? I live in Indonesia and planing to go to Singapore early January. Thanks.
  5. ATI T5 light fixture

    Thank you bro looking at their website now
  6. Recommended salinity for FOWLR

    1.018-1.020 would be reasonable. Below 1.015 for long term, to my experience especially for angel fishes will loose its colour. It happened to me when I treat them with hypo around 1.010-1.015 for about 3 weeks, when I gradually brought back the salinity to 1.018 the colour pop up back.
  7. Hi my fellow reefers in Singapore, I live in Jakarta-Indonesia and looking to buy ATI T5 light fixture on-line. It's hard to find the T5 fixture here since now all LFS or online seller are selling LEDs. Considering the fixture availability and shipping distance to Jakarta the most reasonable country would be Singapore. Any recommedation which store should I buy from which provide good customer service and packing quality? Any sponsor here would be great. Thank you for your aasistance.
  8. Reef store in Singapore

    Thank you bro for the directions, really appreciate that. Seems I really have to arrange my time wisely since this is family vacation and I have to take my daughter to the zoo, Universal Studuo, Duck tour lol. I will stay there for 3 nights, and I can imagine now my schedule will be very tight. But fortunately this time shopping schedule is out of itinerary. *fiuuh*
  9. Reef store in Singapore

    Lol. Wish don't have to go through customs
  10. Reef store in Singapore

    Wish I could bring back some live stocks, but it will become a problem with customs
  11. Reef store in Singapore

    Yes I'm looking for metal halide fixture and maybe some more equipments. I'll be looking at your website in forum. Thanks
  12. Reef store in Singapore

    Thanks bro
  13. Reef store in Singapore

    Hi, I live in Indonesia and I'm going to visit Singapore in early October for few days. I will stay in Parkroyal on Beach Road Hotel. While there I'm thinking to spend some time to visit local reef store. Any recommended reef store, preferably near my hotel? Thanks