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  1. Left 1 frag. Price revised to 15sgd. Whatsap @ 9.0483353
  2. 2 frags avail. $20 per frag. Frags have 3 or more large branches. Collection at 210048 Refer to video for reference. 20190905_112212.mp4
  3. wts 150L water drum. Almost brand new as i decided not to use NSW and got an RODI system. dimensions: 50cmX98cm (diameterXheight). collection at Farrer Park (210048) Price: $45
  4. Mod pls close thread thank you!
  5. looking for led light that fits a nano tank. Pm me if you have suitable light thanks!
  6. They look nice and fat! you must be doing a great job feeding them :-D
  7. Your torch was already dying when u bought it. In this state its pretty much a goner. Healthy Torches that are not fully open will still have tissues covering most if not all of their skeleton.
  8. Hey guys, I went down to Henry's just now to take a look at the reidis! They were so cute! and healthy and Henry fed them frozen mysis for me to watch. They were really active. Anyway, for anyone who is contemplating getting them, i think its a pretty good deal. Reidi fries are very tiny and require more resources to raise which would kind of explain the price for those of us who think its pretty expensive. ( i wasn't sponsored by anyone to write this, i just received very good service and decided to return the favour ). Meanwhile enjoy the photos and a video i took.
  9. A gorgeous Tank running the Triton method that i came across. Every inch of the rock work is covered with some form of life. (that giant seafan?!!!!! How is it even possible?!) Do check out the other videos in the youtube page which will let you track the progress of this tank over a couple of months. Just magnificent. Anyway, I don't claim ownership of this tank nor the video. Just sharing this amazing work of art. Cheers!
  10. Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Price: SGD$20 Brand new in box. Works with Windows, Mac, Android and other bluetooth enabled devices. Refer to attached pictures. Perfect for tablets that don’t come with keyboard. Eg. Microsoft surface or Ipads. Runs on 2x AAA batteries for easy replacement Led battery level indicator Quick and easy one-time pairing. *No USB port required unlike some other "wireless" keyboards Able to meet-up at your preference to check compatibility and quality of the product. Pm for details
  11. Sharan Guna


    Sorry to break it to you bud but all types of reptiles are banned as pets in Singapore. I think frogs and terrapins are allowed though.
  12. The tank is looking amazing bro. And that tigertail!!! She looks like she has grown quite abit since you got her! I would understand why too. Your tank must be like the Shangri-la for seahorses! Congrats on your amazing success bro.
  13. Sharan Guna


    Ahahhaha Amazing tank bruhhh!! and that bannerfish
  14. Wow what a gorgeous tank! the colours on all the fishes and corals look spectacular! nice work Willy! someday i wanna have a tank just like yours you should be proud.
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