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  1. Looking to buy an ATI hanging kit. Please PM if available. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm keen. Dropped you a PM on the radions. Thanks
  3. Looking specifically for a zero RODI unit. Please PM price. Thanks.
  4. Toadstool reserved
  5. Adding on a toadstool leather. It is big. Larger than palm sized. Largely brown, with some green. Much more obvious when blue lights are switched on. First 2 pictures are under T5s. Third picture was taken under blue LEDs. It is currently somewhat encrusted on my rocks. Will cut it out for the buyer. Selling at $30.
  6. Orange lithophyllon, frag B of japanese pink nephthea, and rhodactis reserved
  7. Selling the following. Orange lithophyllon: $30 Japanese pink nephthea frag A: $40 Jack o Killer lithophyllon: $60 Japanese pink nephthea frag B: $50 Ironman mushroom: $60 Rhodactis: $50
  8. Looking to trade the following corals with equipment (ZERO RODI), relatively small sized tangs (yellow tang, a yellow scopas tang, or a purple tang), or corals (open to discussions). Japanese pink nephthea frag A: Japanese pink nephthea (frag B): Fascination favia: Ironman shroom: Jack o killer lithophyllon: Orange lithophyllon:
  9. A mix of palythoas. May include indigo death/ red death/ purple death/ nuclear death/ nuclear green/ captain america/ grey paly. WYSIWYG - $100 each Frag A: Frag B:
  10. Only Frag A left available for trade. Thank you.
  11. Trading/ selling these frags of jack o lantern leptoseris. Priority goes to trades but I've listed prices beside in case no trades take place. Frag A: $60 Frag B: $70 Frag C: $120
  12. wa.. hahaha that's a little far for delivery sorry
  13. A fresh batch should be available on most weekends (:
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