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  1. Finally snapped a pic of the male Watanabe Angel Starry Blenny The 2 big bullies of the tank Finally started to grow (and quite quickly) after many months
  2. My tank salinity is at 35ppt. Not measured fresh salt water mix recently but recall its around 9+ KH.
  3. Got from ReefmarketSG. I think it should be available from the other shops that carry Clarisea product as well.
  4. Using the new batch Clarisea fleece for the past 2 weeks. New material, longer ....and same price Fleece appears darker & seems to be picking up more stuff. My old batch fleece currently lasts about 1.5 - 2 months. Looking forward to the new fleece lasting even longer. Got a new single channel dosing pump from ReefmarketSG (see arrow in pic below). I got it for its versatility & ease of placement. Great for things like dosing NoPox or as simple ATO for the quarantine tank. Easy to use mobile app user interface similar to the 4 channel dosing pump shared earlier. But this one is so small & convenient to position. More pics later.
  5. I think power backup for the entire house or even tank system is much more involved. Generators or larger batteries may not be practical for most apartment dwellers. The other reliable power failure notification system is isocket (uses 3G SIM card). I used that in the past but just rely on Apex neptune notification for now (with 30min delay)
  6. Looks like its progressing well. For the Clarisea fast fleece usage issue you are facing, raise the clarisea up higher out of the water as recommended in the manual. Mine lasts about 1.5 to 2 months per roll.
  7. Having an Apex Neptune can help notify you immediately when things go wrong. Install sensors for triggers. The main worry of course is when equipment fails & you are at work or travelling. And have spare of everything critical (eg. CO2 tank, CO2 regulator, CR recirculating pump, Extra return pumps, Ca/Mg/KH powder, apex brain module, pH probes etc) Return pump failure? - I have 2 return pumps (Vectra M1) running in the tank. Each is set around 20%. Though a single return pump can handle the overall tank requirements, having 2 pumps provides some redundancy. Also have a spare Jebao pump on hand. Chiller/compressor fail? - Apex neptune will trigger if temperature crosses over 28.5 degC. If so, I will remotely turn off all my LED lights to minimize addition of heat. Contingency is to turn on the room aircon until the chiller/compressor is fixed.
  8. Quite paranoid about power failure. Keeping the wavemakers running can make a difference in saving your livestock when power is down. The flow can create surface agitation for air exchange & some flow can bring oxygen to the corals. Flow in the display tank takes priority over flow in the sump. Got this Coralbox backup battery to hook up to the AI Nero wavemaker. This one is version 2 which now works for Nero & many more Jebao / Maxpect wavemakers & pumps. From what i heard from fellow reefers, Version 1 does NOT work for Nero. It comes with 2 outputs using the standard 2.35mm DC connector. I'm hooking up the 2nd port to a 12V air pump that I plan to run in the sump. Uses a 7A fuse (in case you need to buy spares) And its possible to run batteries in series to extend battery life. For power failure mitigation, this is my setup : Total 3 batteries in total for my tank. 1 Coralbex V2 battery (the one in this post) - For AI Nero 2 Ecotech batteries for 2 Ecotech vortech wavemakers - For MP40 & MP60. (A few years old already. Possibly time for a replacement just in case.) Apex Neptune (using Heartbeat feature to notify you if its not able to connect to the cloud for the past 30min). This also means there is a 30min 'delay' before you are notified of a power failure. Sends mobile app & email notification. Also set up to call my phone (kiasu bo?) iSocket https://www.isocket3g.com/en/ (previously purchased before Apex came out with the heart beat feature)
  9. Attempting to attach several frags onto a long tonga rock. And attached the entire 9 inch'assembly' onto my existing rock. Refer to arrow for attachment point. All done with this glue. And not much was used. Ha...good glue! Live stock pics : Chalk Basslet Eating Ocean Nutrition Formula One pellets Wolverine? Pocci Recent addition - Golden Torch from RR. Measured water parameters today : Ca : 410 Mg : 1410 KH : 9.0 (I'm targeting at 8.5 - 9.3 range) Running slightly higher KH works better for growth. And somehow better maintains the Ca/Mg balance. Just stocked up on more salt
  10. Keen to see the piping. So many valves there
  11. PO4? Rowaphos works fantastic. Always brought within specs within a week. And it has pretty good capacity too (lasts quite long). Ideally used in a reactor so that flow can be adjusted according to requirements.
  12. Set 2 : $300 (local retailing for $600+) still available. Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue Spectral Controller Gooseneck Goosneck adapter
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