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  1. My Reefing Journey

    That's a nice set up. Do share more pics. Any issues with the skimmer performance as the water level in the sump varies (bcos there is no panel)
  2. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    For water flow volume (strength), the Nero is between MP10 & MP40 based on the spec sheet. Diameter of the Nero is 2.8". Its quite close to that of the MP40 (3"). Flow is quite wide. Took a short video of just the Nero5 turned on. All the other wavemakers are off. Can see its quite powerful. Able to push water all the way to the other side of the 5ft tank. Personally I like a lot of flow in the tank, and have rock-scape limitations.....hence the multiple wavamakers. Set up yours yet?
  3. Jo's Little Reef

    Good to see fellow Apex users. I'm keen to learn how others are using it & always on a lookout for innovative ideas. BTW, what modules are you planning to get?
  4. Very often, hard plumbing increase sound as the vibration cannot be dissipated. You can place the pump on a rubber mat if it does not come with rubber feet. Else, connect to the pipes with a silicon hose. Sample pic from internet. If its not a new pump, the sound could be coming from worn out bushings or unbalanced impeller.
  5. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    My compressor didn't cool properly late Saturday night. Took 1.5hrs to chill 1degC instead of the usual 30min. The pipe froze as well. A reefer explained this is a tell tale sign of insufficient coolant. I contacted a few service people commonly referred to in the reefing circles but none could make it on Sunday. Fortunately, I googled & found a serviceman who could come by on Sunday morning. That night, the living room air con was turned on & some bags of ice placed in the sump. 5 min task to top up the gas & its all resolved. Many thanks to the reefers who offered to loan me a backup chiller or contacts for air con service. Just got a new roll of Clarisea fleece on standby. Last change was 29th July => 2 months 9 days to date. And still have ~1/4 roll left. The roll should last about 3 months or slightly more Very convenient indeed. Random tank pics taken today Halloween Crab molted
  6. WTS : Artica 1/3hp chiller

    Sold to a nice reefer.
  7. WTS : Artica 1/3hp chiller

    Reserved by ******89. Pending collection on Saturday evening.
  8. Selling standby chiller - Artica 1/3HP 1st owner used it for 1.5yrs. I'm the 2nd owner and kept it as a backup chiller for another 2yrs. My current tank uses a compressor & this backup chiller was meant for emergency purposes. Its been started & run for 2 weeks total with me (1wk per year for maintenance purposes) => Still in good condition. Not heavily used. Selling $550 Deal at Bt Batok East Ave 5. Bring your own trolley if possible. PM or whatsapp me at 92370381
  9. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Close up of the Nero5's thick/sturdy ceramic shaft Back to my other wavemaker.... took it out for much needed washing Vinegar soak All clean. My clam moved around & touched the max mini anemone rock. And now the anemone's have decided to latch onto the clam
  10. My Pico Tank

    Nice collection of corals
  11. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    PM or whatsapp me if you need more info
  12. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Ha... well said. The reliability of the local/cloud connection is very good, just like for their Hydra lights. With 1 button on the Nero control, the essential controls are : Feed mode. Press 2-5 sec Off. Press 6+ sec
  13. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Comes with a clip holder This is the curved surface. Particularly like the Pulse mode so that the corals are not battered with a constant flow. Didn't realize it until I was just setting it up - just how easy it'll be to remove the pump in future for cleaning. The wet side can easily be removed, leaving the magnets in place Nicely designed for maintenance.
  14. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Needed more flow on the right side of the tank with the corals growing over the months & blocking flow initiating from the left wavemakers. Trying the AI Nero 5. It does live up to the hype seen in the recent online videos. Physical installation + app setup took 5min. There are 2 magnets. The curved one inside the tank. The curved profile allows the wavemaker to be angled a little Magnet - the one with AI logo outside the tank facing outwards. Same app as the Hydra lights. Super easy to use app
  15. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    I'm dosing 20ml per week with Nyos active elements. Approx 5ml on alternate days.