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  1. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Its OK for me so far with Rowaphos & RowaCarbon (does not tumble). If one is using a brand with smaller carbon bits (eg Skimz CARB-08 carbon or BRS Rox), the option is to place the black sponge to hold down the carbon.
  2. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    You are right. Phosguard should not be fluidized. Thanks for highlighting. I was thinking of Rowaphos .... which should be fluidized for max efficiency.
  3. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Ideally, you should have phosphate binding media all the time since new phosphate is added daily from feeding. And its best to use a reactor that can tumble the media lightly to optimize the contact time with water . Using a reactor allows you to tune the flow depending on requirements. Putting it in a bag isn't optimum. Consider the Nyos Torq reactor. So far, the folks I know who use it love it for its convenience.
  4. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    I did run an ICP test last year. Aluminum values reduced from 180ug/L to 26ug/L. Upper spec limit for NSW is 10ug/L. The removal of aluminum contributors + use of Continuum Aquatics Heavy Metal resin helped. Its still over spec limit but i'm not too worried about it. Regarding Continuum Aquatics Heavy Metal resin. While it removes heavy metals, I believe it creates other issues as well by absorbing other 'good' elements. Hence use with caution. The corals bounced back only after I started dosing more trace elements (I used Nyos range of additives)
  5. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    That's should be a 40mm to 30mm reducer. The black hose is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner hose. Mine was from my old shopvac which has a 32mm internal diameter. Should be able to find them online or from hardware shops.
  6. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Thanks for sharing. .... The report is saying there are other contributors to aluminium (eg. salt mix, food, phosphate media, etc). And that systems using marine pure actually reduces aluminium.
  7. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Its rumored that Marine Pure (though its a very good bio media), can leach small amounts of aluminum. Its mentioned in some overseas forums. Not seen controlled analysis about it though. Aluminum can be introduced by using aluminum based products like Seachem phosguard. John Guest quick fittings have aluminum clips that can also leach aluminum over time. Toxic levels of aluminum that cause death are ~ 10ppm = 10000 ug/L. Most reports on aluminum are at very high level exposure (eg. death, growth inhibition, cancer). Don't see any reports on exposure levels we typically see in our reef tanks. But i'd assume there should be 'some' effect. My ICP test shows 180 ug/L. Upper specs for sea water is 10ug/L. Corals are growing fine but its still 18x over NSW levels. Note again that toxic levels are 10000ug/L Being paranoid, I took out all aluminum contributors (clips & MP media) and changed to Maxpect Bio Sphere. Got mine from ReefmarketSG.
  8. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Its been one full year running the Alkatronic. It has mitigated potential disasters (several times), allowed me to travel overseas with peach of mind and helped keep the tank in relatively good condition. Its one of the best purchases to date. The price tag appears expensive at first but isn't at all in the whole scheme of things. . The unit is placed on a table next to the display tank. Test reagent is placed in a stable water bottle next to the unit. About 1.2L volume is mixed each time using the "weight" method. It used to run 6 tests per day in the initial few months but I've scaled that back to 4 tests per day. Waste waster is dumped into a waste bucket. A 5L container of KH solution (using Nyos Alkalinity powder) is used to dose KH if triggered. This is the amount of concentrated reagent left after 1 full year. Hence, the running cost is actually quite economical. I've been a little behind on calibrating the pH probe & pumps. Ideally that should be done to be sure its "spot on" accurate. But its ok to be a little off since stability is probably more important than accuracy. I measure Ca & Mg once every 2-4 weeks with Salifert test kits. So far, both Ca & Mg is always in range as long as the KH is maintained (because they have been dosed in the correct proportions via a calcium reactor) Aside from dosing KH when its out of spec, below is an example where the Alkatronic can provide feedback on tuning the calcium reactor. Time to tune it up!
  9. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Some coral pics : Ironman Blasto Fiji Pipe Organ New addition. Wife says the cynarina is not nice Friend's scoly in the tank Chalice growing quite well Chalice having a meal of prawn meat last night Close up Yuma stilled "jailed" in its container. Rhodactis from SAS.
  10. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Yes. But MP's contribution to aluminum is unclear since its not a controlled set up.
  11. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Some folks have complained about Ecotech Reeflink & difficulties with connecting to ecosmartlive. Some have commented its related to the ISP (internet service provider) blocking the server which is probably untrue. Personally, this worked for me. If you can't get the blue light even after powering off/on the Reeflink, try rebooting your router and the ONT (Optical Network Terminal). Works for me. Topping up the kalk reactor. This was originally from Larry (Thanks). The coral feeding tube tends to get food stuck in inside. Best way to clean it is to stuff a small piece of sponge & push it through with a plastic filament. Mine is from a spool of 3D printing media. Nitrates creeping up a little. Set up a biopellet reactor (FR45 + NP Biopellets). Tuned up the Vectra S1 to about 85% power
  12. Seen the tank in person and definitely doing well. Do share some videos This is a good thread for reference for handling the elements (rain, UV from sunlight etc).
  13. Any LPS to recommend for beginners?

    That's a good list from Snoopyburger. The next level of easy LPS are hammers & torch. If you get these, try to get branching type instead of the 'wall' variant. Branching ones are more forgiving & one is able to cut off sick parts if that happens.
  14. Redsea Reefer 350 restart

    Nice set up. Look forward to more updates.
  15. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    There is much chatter (though not 100% proven) that marine pure contributes aluminum. I removed them as a precautionary measure since the Maxpect spheres are not that expensive. Other things done is to remove anything with aluminum bits (eg. John Guest quick fittings)