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  1. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Its about 2.5 months since I started using the Nyos trace elements for this 850Ltank. Just finished the 1st set today. Quite economical & seems to work well. Free frag from a reefer friend from some time back coloring up nicely (Thanks so much for it) Quite glad to see the molted shell of a pom pom crab stuck on the tuxedo urchin. Got this crab almost a year ago but never seen it around (thought its dead already). Must be lurking around somewhere. Precious small frag of RBM seems to be losing the battle with coralline algae. Guess i'll need to cut the RBM
  2. Another journey to Reefing world

    This think this will restrict flow & reduce performance of the skimmer continuously. If you really need this (though most folks don't), then have a 'cage like' screen instead of a flat screen - this will enable more water flow through. Look forward to seeing an upgrade tank build! Do share more pics
  3. Another journey to Reefing world

    For my initial tank fill, i filled it up with water. Let it run to be sure there are no leaks as the pump system runs. Then placed a large filter sock at the sump water inlet area - and added salt into the filter sock till it reached 35ppt salinity.
  4. Corals

    Perhaps you could share about your equipment set up & tank set up for folks to provide better inputs on suitable hardy corals. Or what you have in mind.
  5. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Received a request about my Nero 5 settings. So here it is : General view of the day's setting : Daytime setting : Evening setting : Night setting : Not much tank updates. Made some silly error of having low salinity at 31ppt (1.023SG) for about 3 weeks. Corals slightly affected & recovering now. Helping a fellow reefer host a chalice. Hope it colors up in a few months' time.
  6. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Mine was re-purposed from my old vacuum cleaner & DIY installation. But i know you can get the right sized ones from ReefmarketSG. Prices should be reasonable.
  7. A bigger piece of Ocean

    That's reputed to be a reliable CR though it seems to take up a lot of real estate for the media volume. Good idea to put a drip tray below.
  8. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    This float switch doesn't 'float' so well anymore. No time to replace, it so I just added a piece of foam around it for the moment. Added a lot more Maxpect Biospere. Rinse in RODI water to get rid of the fine dust & bits. A nice touch of them providing plastic zippers. No fear of metals leaching into the water. There is a good sale happening now. Adding a 2nd Nero 5 Re-arranged the reactors & making way for a larger calcium reactor from a friendly reefer (you know who you are ) Soap bubble test to check for leaks must always be done after replacing the CO2 tank. Someone asked about the Clarisea connection last week. Here are some pics. Attachment from the pipe to the flexible hose
  9. WTS - Fiji Pipe Organ

    PMed you
  10. Sirius' Rimless Shallow Mixed Reef

    Sad to hear about the fish situation. I really wonder if there are ways to prevent it. Feed some supplements to boost immunity or provide the necessary pro-biotic bacteria needed?
  11. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Lights are about 30cm from water surface. PAR measurements showed it’s about 500 at top rocks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Yes its possible. Just need to be creative with the piping. Its not difficult.
  13. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    This is a flap on the clarisea to open up so it 'bypasses' the fleece. A bit hard to take a pic of the connections now. But conceptually, this is the 'adapter' added to the end of the original pipe from display tank to adapt to a flexible hose that connects to the clarisea.
  14. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Notice its turning yellow when viewed in whiter light The light pink one was residing under the rock. Pried it out with a knife & placed it back to the top. Precious new frag The light setting I've been running the past 1.5 months. A true workhorse.....time for a good vinegar soak.
  15. The budget SPS tank

    Nice catching up with you yesterday. Since there aren't too many corals at the moment, my suggestion would be to set up some egg crates in the tank to place your SPS frags (instead of gluing them down onto the rocks) and take them out to dip every week for the next 3-4 weeks to get rid of the aefw. And get some wrasses as well.