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  1. You don't really require barb fitting. Suggest to get some silicone hose & connect the 2 pipes like this. Cable tie is optional as the silicone hose to pipe fitting is already quite tight.
  2. Cleaned the pump a couple of days earlier. 1 year of dirt Stuff a piece of filter wool to wash the insides without the need to disassemble the clips. No rust on screws (as expected) 3 Just a general clean up of simple scrubbing & inspection. I don't soak pump parts in vinegar to minimize risk of acid damage. Proceeded to calibrate the pump. I attached a long flexible hose to the outlet pipe to monitor the water flow. Now all the pumps go into proper flow rates when feed mode is triggered -> no siphon effect for food to flow into the sump.
  3. The next 2 posts is all about cleaning up. Cleaned the skimmer last night. Last wash was probably 1 year or maybe even 2 years ago. Skimmer body : An old credit card, filter wool + dishwashing liquid works well. For the features here, I used a small bit of filter wool + 3D plastic filament to push it through. A toothpick or paper clip will work just as well. Titanium screws in good condition. No rust (as expected) Done Up & running in less than an hour. The next morning.
  4. Look forward to an update on your setup
  5. Pics taken during day time today. Some pieces coloring up better with the Hydra64 in place. Orange Pavona from Seasonal Aquarium 2yrs back Leptastrea frag from a fellow reefer Below Walt Disney was from Reefing Reality. Thanks Jonathan for helping pick a nice piece. Frag from Lorenzo Croc Island Scoly. Sprouting a 4th head behind. Blastomussa merletti from Ah Beng Candy Cane from Ah Beng (2014)
  6. Dosing Kalk 24/7. Different rates along the day
  7. Installed the Versa this weekend. Well built continuous use peristaltic pump. And highly controllable with the Ecotech Mobius app. Comes with attachments to fit soft hoses. Calibration was quite simple. You can actually calibrate to the exact amount you want to dose (even large volumes) which makes it very accurate. In my case, i'm using it for Kalkwasser dosing. So its set to dose 1.5L of Kalk when lights are off (12am - 11am) And 500ml of kalk when lights are on (11am - 12am). Versa in action. Drawing water from ATO -> Kalk Reactor -> Tank. Slow drip at v controlled rate.
  8. Bubble algae on a colony of birdnest. Broke off the stem & cut out the affected parts Quite a lot discarded Soaked in iodine & re-glued back onto the colony. Hopefully its gone for good.
  9. Very nice Thanks for sharing. More pics please.
  10. Trying out this new Glue Onz. Good strong glue. This colony grew too big an pressing against the rocks on the sides. Too heavy for the tiny base too. Time to trim. About 3kg ]] Got rid of some of the parts that died off due to total lack of light. All done. Next to settle the monti
  11. Giving the frag rack a good wash. Using just a bit of vinegar in a bag. Least vinegar used. After 15min and a quick scrub......Clean!!
  12. Swapped in the Hydra32 to the front tilted lights. Current PAR numbers. Quite impressed with the spread of the new lights. The front sand bed jumped in PAR quite a bit probably because of the wider spread with the new lenses.
  13. For those using the Alkatronic, you may have read there is a batch of reagent that required a different mixing ratio (2:3 instead of the usual 1:4 ratio of reagent to RODI water). The 4L concentrate can make 10L instead of the usual 20L. I got a bottle of this batch of reagent because it was going at a discounted price of $40 per bottle (from reefmarketSG) . Its actually quite a good deal. Running it the past week & all is good
  14. Some coral pics : Getting too long & touching other corals. Snip Snip. 1 week later, the flesh is growing back & covering the cut cross section already. Starting to shadow other corals around it. Snip snip. Need a lot of glue to stick the colony back too Yay...the croc island scolly is growing a 3rd baby head. They AI Hydra64 moonlight feature (its actually dim warm white light) is quite nice. Able to view the corals at night & watch the polyps out in full force.
  15. Got a sturdy frag rack just before Christmas from Hardcoreefer. Nicely packaged and has a slim/sleek design. Comes in several colors to match your preference. More importantly is functionality. It has a rubber pad on the inside which helps prevent slipping. Its able to take relatively large frags on my 15mm tank glass. Magnet is pretty strong - and held up against several accidental knocks the past week. The double acrylic thickness also helps frag plugs stay upright & not tilt & touch other frags. Not the cheapest price but it does enhance the aesthetics of the tank. Overall a high quality frag rack made in Singapore. Details here : https://www.hardcoreefer.com/shop
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