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  1. The CO2 tubing split at the check valve fitting...after 2yrs +. According to Apex chart, it probably happened at 3pm. I was notified via phone app at 3.07pm. And I managed to get it fixed by 5pm after meetings were done. That's one nice thing about having an aquarium controller, be it Apex or any other brand. Other things done to the tank : Added extension ring for the chalice Added an acrylic cover to block light entering the overflow - an effort to prevent aiptasia from growing in the overflow.
  2. Last week's update seem to have gone missing. Hence a re-post. Regarding Mobius - Feed mode. Its possible to add a feed mode button by clicking the "+" icon. Then program the behavior of the pumps in feed mode. Eg. set to 10% speed
  3. Bali Slimer : K Reserved. The rest still available.
  4. Letting go of the following. Whatsapp @ 92370381 or PM if keen. Deal at Bt Batok area. 1) UFO Chalice. $85 per frag 2 views of each frag 2) Bali Slimer The below frag is about 12cm wide & 10cm tall
  5. How long has your tank been running? The skimmer won't have much skimmate if bio load is very low (i.e. little organic waste or when the tank is new/cycling) A Clarisea is a replacement for filter sock/wool - a 1st stage of mechanical filtration. Depending on how you set yours up, a roll should last quite a while. For my 5ft, it lasts about 1.5 to 2 months. Super convenient. The skimmer is to remove organic waste (which is not picked up by the clarisea/wool/filter sock). It also provides a lot of needed oxygen for the tank since its churning the water quite a bit.
  6. As everyone mentioned, seriously consider a chiller to have improved chances of success in this hobby. I've had a tank without chiller/fan before reaching 32degC. Basically, you are only able to keep GSP & some common less sensitive zoanthid. Forget about LPS & SPS as they will 100% die. Most other soft corals like mushroom & xenia won't survive as well.
  7. Cleaned up the corner overflow box in the display tank over the weekend. OMG - its full of vermatid snails (some as long as 4" long), loads of fat gigantic aiptasia(s) & at least 1cm of accumulated sand. In the process of cleaning it, I found a long lost yellow watchman goby. Think it went missing 2+ years ago just one week after getting it from coral farm (still tiny) Its about 4" now with nice blue coloration. Must have enjoyed the good food in the overflow. Netted it out. Hope it's happier in the display tank. . The skimmer drainage tube to the external bucket got clogged & the skimmer overflowed. Probably went on for a couple of days before it was noticed. Some coral pics : Micromussa from fellow reefer bought in Jan 2017. Probably grew a few tiny heads in 3.5yrs Green tip pink seriatopora
  8. Some recent 3D prints for fellow reefers : AquaUV sterilizer holders MP40 anemone guard Gigantic frag plug extension
  9. Frag A reserved. The rest still available
  10. Bali Slimer. $35 Multiple branch. 2" tall. Whatsapp 92370381 if keen. Deal at Bt Batok. Various views :
  11. Selling stable frags of UFO chalice. $90 each. Whatsapp 92370381 if interested. Deal at Bt Batok area. More pics :
  12. I bought a red RBTA from you back then. Below is from the same 'lineage'. $30. But i'm located at Bt Batok. Let me know if you are still keen. Not the orange variant but the red one
  13. Those should be Armor of God zoanthid (pic below without filter)
  14. I'm not 100% sure as it was passed to me by a fellow reefer. Possibly its a Diabolic Pacman
  15. Ha..yes. Thanks to SRC Stay Home, Stay Safe Reef At Home contest
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