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  1. There are 2 down pipes from the tank (Herbie set up). One is the main drain & the other is the emergency drain. For the main drain (40mm) pipe, it needs to be reduced to 30mm via a reducer from a piping shop. In my case, i 3D printed mine (to have additional feature). From here, the flexible hose is fitted into it & held in place with 2 cable ties. Also, it is NOT a soft silicon hose. But more of those flexible vacuum cleaner hose type.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Wonder what can be done to minimize collateral damage to corals.
  3. What an interesting corner BTW, how is the noise level of the Kamoer fx-stp?
  4. Good growth indeed! Its a pain if/when the large colony drops off. May need like half a tube of glue. Fingers crossed.
  5. S$20. Self pickup. Discuss via PM if keen.
  6. Some 3D print projects : Drawing up the Nero Anemone guard And for MP40 Takes about 7hrs to print Available for sale. PM if you are keen.
  7. Top view during water change Other random pics Branching supersun Watermelon milli Royal Blue Milli (super slow grower) Bali Slimer attaching & killing off another acro Wolverine from another reefer. Acclimatizing it to LED the past month. Now moving to high light area Added a tiny Atlantic Blue Tang. Its so small that the other adult tangs don't bother it at all. It was in a refugium for a week - fed with pods, mysis & pellet food to fatten up before going into the display tank
  8. Added an acrylic cover to the CoralBox Doser. Using this doser the past months & must say its a good value for money doser. More reliable that some i've used in the past. Do note you connect to it via home Wifi. This does not connect to a cloud for remote access (which is not needed for a dosing pump anyway). Water change day. Small contraption to help with the water mixing. One pipe points down to get to all the dead spots & manipulated via a long handle. A valve routes water upwards to circulate the water up/down. Which also connects to a long hose to fill the display tank in the living room. View of the sump Time to change the zeo stones.
  9. Selling Ecotech Vectra M1 at $275. Used about 2 years. In tip top condition. Used as a backup return pump. Used it at power setting of 30% setting only. Impeller in perfect condition Motor block. The set : Both sets of adapters are not used (i.e. to fit your pipes). Controller holder is un-used too. Deal at Bt Batok. PM or whatsapp me @ 92370381
  10. I'm using Aqua Illumination Hydra lights. This is an old pic but best shows the light configuration. The Hydra26 was brought over from my old 3ft tank. I added 4 new Hydra52 when i set up this 5ft tank. This is also an old pic showing the PAR readings. It can go much higher but this is my current setting. I think its in the good range
  11. The nyos test kit is accurate & consistent. I'd trust the results.
  12. Other updates : The new batch Clarisea fleece is running great! So dark & dirty. And plenty more left in the reel. I read on the DD facebook page that the cause of the fleece clumping up is the long screws holder the side panels are too tight, causing the white plate to bend. Switched over to Nyos Nitrate & Phosphate test kits. They use a 2 bottle indicator method which makes it a lot easier to read the colors and less guess work. Cheap & good quality test kits New pump!! The outlet pipe adapter now supports a 1" pipe size (compared to M1's 0.75" pipe) Silicon hose in between instead of PVC pipe all the way to reduce vibrations up to the display tank. Also no need to fuss with exact PVC pipe length. Plenty of flow at 35% setting. That's my setting per pump. (I have total 2 Vectra pushing from the sump pushing water up to the display tank) Definitely efficient. Only 14w power
  13. Yeah...exactly! Must have various layers of backup equipment running in the tank system & contingencies in storage.
  14. Got a square anthias from a LFS over the weekend. Looked OK at the shop but noticed a few patches on its body at home where the light is brighter. Apparently anthias are susceptible to flukes. Took no chances. Went down to C328 on Saturday night get Prazi Gold. And the flukes started to fall out within a couple of minutes. Didn't really count but estimate maybe 60 of them. Fish didn't make. Died the next day Should have checked it better before buying. Informed the LFS & they took action on their end.
  15. The alkatronic started to show "Restart" error after I moved things around. Its clearly because the algorithm detected an anomaly amount of reagent vs the pH reading its reading. Checked the luer connections is tight. Checked that the filter inlet is submerged under water. Checked there was enough reagent. All looked OK but I was still getting the "Restart" issue. After debugging further, found that the part of the silicon reagent tube/hose connecting to the hard tube has tiny micro holes and letting air in. This stress must be from the 1.5yrs of stretching over the hard tube. Snipped it off & reconnected the a fresh part of the hose back to the tube & its all good again
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