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  1. PO4? Rowaphos works fantastic. Always brought within specs within a week. And it has pretty good capacity too (lasts quite long). Ideally used in a reactor so that flow can be adjusted according to requirements.
  2. Set 2 : $300 (local retailing for $600+) still available. Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue Spectral Controller Gooseneck Goosneck adapter
  3. Dipping some zoanthids Not harmful but they do multiply to scary levels Re-purposed the pH probe to be used as a frag rack. 3D printed a rack that holds the frag plugs snugly. The normal egg crates are usually too large & plugs topple easily. This works much better. Very handy magnetic pH probe holders to have on hand. Here a basket is tied to it to house corals temporarily
  4. Nice tank. More pics please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. A tip for Clarisea users. Sometimes it can be difficult to pull out the used fleece from the roll because its wound so tight. One workaround is to smear a generous amount of vaseline, underneath the plastic sleeve. Works like a charm. A recent 3D printed part. 48mm to 30mm pipe adapter. With a fitting that routes water to a manifold for dripping water for acclimatization of new livestock.
  6. Recent FTS Watanabe angel Chalk Basslet Orchid Dottyback Blasto garden
  7. Selling a barely used Kessil AP700 due to change of plans. As seen from pics, items are in very good condition. $800 firm. Deal at Bt Batok area. Whatsapp 92370381 or PM if interested.
  8. Set 1 Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue reserved. Set 2 : $300 (local retailing for $600+) still available. Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue Spectral Controller Gooseneck Goosneck adapter
  9. Change of plans. Selling brand new set of Kessil lights. Seal intact. Unopened. Note it was purchased from USA. So the electrical chord to the standard DC adapter has a US plug. Just need to get a plug adapter or new cable from electrical shops/Aliexpress. Set 1 : $400 (local retailing for $800+) Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue Spectral Controller Gooseneck Goosneck adapter Set 2 : $300 (local retailing for $600+) Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue Spectral Controller Gooseneck Goosneck adapter Gooseneck adapter US plug. PM or whatsapp 92370381 to deal. Location : Bt Batok
  10. Enjoyed your past updates...learned a lot. Welcome back!
  11. Someone was asking about my return pumps. I started with 1 Vectra M1 when I started the tank. I did put the pipes in place initially & got a 2nd Vectra M1 later on. Each running around 40% power. Finally took them out for a wash this week. Front cover & impeller removed & washed at the sink. It was too troublesome to remove all the cables, so i just washed the body in a bucket of water by the tank. All clean & powerful again. Did a quick check on the screws....all good on the Vectra. I hear some other brands' stainless steel screws show signs of rusting after some time.
  12. Some pics Rock Flower Anemone from RR Blasto from RR Blasto from RR Blasto from SAS
  13. Prestech cuts to size. They can also do design. If you provide that photo from your earlier post & purpose, their engineers can size something up for you. Anyway, interesting thread. Everyone is keen to look out for alternative sources & items not available locally.
  14. Interesting. In the event the tank is damaged (let's say its chipped). What are the steps to get a replacement/refund? Will it be overall more $$ than building it locally? Just curious. Agree on CRA & Aquarium Artist as contacts to build the tank For aluminum frames, is it cheaper to buy from Taobao vs getting them from Prestech?
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