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  1. Left OF Filter Biggest one
  2. Letting go this white muscular tang anyone keen PM me 29B774C9-F74E-4C15-A6D1-5449AC39F40F.MOV
  3. Didn’t update for 1 year here is what I did: removed one Aquaroche rock so that more swimming space for the fishes had an electrical trip for one night which result in 80% of the fishes gone ( mostly big fishes ) so what I did to prevent similar incident from occurring again : add standby Ecotech battery connected to wavemakers and AC/DC air pump did add in more livestock to make up for the losses of big fishes 9AD868A6-6BB4-4C94-B7ED-84F2B9F95989.MOV
  4. Fat and muscular blue tang kept for few years stable about 4 inch $45
  5. Looking for : - flame hawk - moorish idol - angels ( dwarf and big angels also ok ) - lieutenant tang - any other tangs except blue, yellow , purple tang
  6. 1. OF filter ( no.3 ) used once $25 2. Sun sun wave maker jvp 230 magnetic 6000 l/h use once $16
  7. Hi sorry unsure of the name Colour can change from light like white to very dark
  8. Suit 3 feet tank and more $10 pm if keen to pick up
  9. Sold to a nice bro Thread closed thanks
  10. Hi looking for flipper Nano or standard size pm if you letting go
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