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  1. What is this purple thing ?

    Ok will try
  2. Is leather dead ?

    Hi got leather toadstool that turn hard and yellow is it dying or dead? its like quite hard- not the usual soft leather feel maybe because I just tuck it at one corner without much light
  3. What is this purple thing ?

    Ok maybe will try those Slime medicine
  4. What is this purple thing ?

    Can I still dose NoPox ?
  5. WTT 2 small crabs

    Trade with anything
  6. Is this crab safe?

    2 crabs on my sea urchin are they good or bad ?
  7. Wts Maxspect Gyre 150

    Price dropped to $150 have 2 sets to sell: buy both at $260
  8. What is this purple thing ?

    Oh I don’t dose carbon lei
  9. What is this purple thing ?

    Ok thanks
  10. What is this purple thing ?

    May I know how to remove it ? can I just use a scrapper to Scrap off?
  11. May I know what’s this purple hairy thing on my wavemaker and spreading to the glass ? is it good or bad ?
  12. Medication Cure Ich for tank

    How about doing frequent water change ? Is it good to reduce ich?
  13. Cheap leather bundle

    More pictures when polyps extend
  14. Cheap leather bundle

    Want to clear space Smaller than palm size but definitely not frag size all 3 for $15 Collect at hillview 83322123