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  1. Want to clear. Price lowered to $200. Upz! Call or text 97712457.
  2. Post decomm storeroom clearance sale. Used Deltec SC 2060 with manual cleaning cover. Pump in working condition. $400 negotiable. Self collect at Ang Mo Kio (Lor Chuan) or One North. Interested buyer please contact 97712457.
  3. Another pic. Any advice if I should keep it?
  4. Some searching through the internet revealed that this should be a dendrodoris nigra nudibranch. It feeds on sponges.
  5. Oh, and any idea if it is reef safe?
  6. Hi, found this in my tank during wc. Any id?
  7. Took some photos of a few frags: And close up on a leather:
  8. Haha! thanks! Unfortunately, not going to rear the fry - don't have the setup for it. The pair has been around for at least 2-3 years.
  9. This male should be an onyx percula (I was told maybe with some "Picasso" genes though not obvious). The female is definitely an onyx percula.
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