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  1. PolypLab premium Coral Dip.

    Polyp Lab Premium Coral Dip is now available at these Singapore retailers. Dont risk getting your tank infected with unwanted pest and dip all your newly bought corals with PolyLab coral dip ! Available now at ; MadPetz Aquarist-Chamber MarineLife Fishy Business And More coming soon ....
  2. Get ready for AI Prime !

    Are you ready for Prime ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB_ul2yvnC8&feature=youtu.be
  3. Coming soon!

    Our latest offering,coming soon!
  4. The winner of our AI illuminated tank contest!!

    Rachel dropped by today to collect her prize, thanks again for participating!! We hope you like your Abyzz A100!!
  5. The winner of our "My AI illuminated tank" contest is Rachel Ng!! Our judges have gone through the photos and chosen your picture! You walk away with our Abyzz A100! Congratulations!! We hope you enjoy your prize! Many thanks to all the other participants, we hope to see you again for our future contests!
  6. Last day for photo competition!

    It's New Years Eve Reefers! It's also the last day of our photo competition! Take this last chance to send us a photo of your AI illuminated tank and greet the new year with our fantastic Abyzz A100! T&C can be found in the original contest post.
  7. Hey reefers! We're coming to the end of our photo competition and we've received some really nice photos! Do take advantage of this chance to win our Abyzz A100! All you have to do is take a picture of your tank equipped with an AI light from us and send it in to [email protected]! You can refer to our T&C on our original post in the forums for more details.
  8. NEW PURE Aquatics Marine Sea Feeder!

    The Sea feeder is now available at Madpetz and C2 Aquarium (Ng couple in front of Ah Beng at Pasir Ris Farmway) and more retailers coming soon.
  9. Introducing PURE Aquatics Marine Sea Feeder! Perfect for target feeding your liquid supplements to your corals and aquatic animals! It's simple to use and hassle free. Features: · The PURE Aquatics Marine Sea Feeder features a 21”(53cm) graduated tube that extends to 35”(89cm) for deep aquariums and hard-to-reach areas. · The PURE Aquatics Marine Sea Feeder makes it possible to target-feed liquid supplements to corals or other aquatic animals so they receive the nutrients for proper health and growth. · Disassembles easily for cleaning · A unique probe is included to feed solid foods to anemones, eels, lionfish, and other organisms that require a careful approach