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  1. Dear Friends, Just clear all my live stock. Would like to sell off my tank. Tank spec: 24"x14"x16" Please see photos for clear understanding. I am in the midst of cleaning. Self collect at my place. SMS me I am selling $10 + 1 bucket of live rocks and coral chips. Please hurry. fooyl 93380093 Location : marine terrace
  2. A fine gentleman collected the fish and some live rocks. Thanks a lot!
  3. Dear Friends, Please adopt my yellow angelfish. About 2~2.5", not safe for coral. Please sms me fast. Attached photo for reference only. Thank you foo yee le 93380093 location: marine terrace. self collect
  4. Hi guys, I am happy to know that the suffering livestock are "safely relocated to a 3 footer, a mature system with skimmer, phosphate reactor and algae filtration and are recovering well". VJC engaged a LFS to take care of them. Well done. I think our efforts pay up. Thanks guys!! Thanks jackywonto for the statement. I cannot satisfy all but follow what I feel the best. I think we let this incident stays here in this forum and be a reminded to all. I propose this threat to be closed. Any objections? Thanks to all.
  5. Thanks for the Bro and Sis 's support and comment. Just came back and my sons told me that the fish tank was removed. What happen to it, just pray that all are well taken care of. Let me share my thoughts on this incident. My objective is to get things done. I spoke 2 times and no action were taken. We are talking about live of creatures that are on the brink of death. As a human, we all need to respect life and as a civil servant, they need to educate the public with proper knowledge and responsibilities. This is what I most displeased. Another thing that I observed is this: It seem that I am the only to complain this incident (maybe someone did, I don't know), I think I must be quite an odd ball. Hundreds of public visited NLB in Marine Parade and none can see that the livestock are dying. I am amazed at the indifferent of Singaporean. May be we need to look at what is happening in Singapore social behaviour. Are we seeing things and choosing to ignore? If this thing happen to be a human, are we just let it be? Unacceptable. Thank you Bro Binosage for the PM on the Journalist who wish to interview me. I think I shall leave it as it is. I don't think I want to push this through printed media of Singapore. Don’t want to make it a sensational news for others. NLB and VJC have apologized and I hope they learnt the lesson. For me, I cannot say my livestock can live forever but I do my best to make them happy. To err is human but this is no excuse. To acknowledge and mend the err is above-human. Let’s be responsible in all ways possible. Cheers PS: my english not "powderful"...
  6. Hi guys, Just to update, SPCA dropped a comment on the Facebook's wall and request me to contact them. I called this morning and they said they are sending their people down to investigate. http://www.facebook.com/spcasingapore Cheers!!
  7. Thanks guys for the support. I will visit NLB tonight again. If you guys can go and see, I don't think they can remove the tank today. Cheers for all the supporter of Marine Life!!! YL
  8. Hi guys, I just put this up on my facebook and alert both NLB and SPCA whose also have facebook account. Hope they read and get something done. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=163235&id=760218100 cheers
  9. This is Totally unacceptable!! Dear Marine & Reef Lovers, I am writing this to voice my ultimate displeasure, disappointment and unbelievable to these 2 organizations: National Library Board and Victoria Junior College. Last week, I think it was Wednesday (31 of March2010) when I visited NLB, Marine Parade branch and I saw a clear fish tank at the first level of the NLB. It caught my eyes not because the fish tank was damned nice but a totally unacceptable setup for this marine fish tank. There are livestock namely clown fish, damsel, corals. about dozen of them in the tank. Guess what kind of equipments to support the life; light and a circulating pump only. I saw this setup and said to myself,”this setup is not going to last. Hopefully they took it down within 3 days.” Yesterday 7-April 2010, I went to the library. I was shocked to see the fish tank was still there and the water had turned cloudy (see photo). I saw this and my heart ache and I quickly informed the librarian. I told her that the setup was not enough and that all the livestock were dying. The librarian said "Thank you for your feedback". I said some more, she just smiled and said she will informed the party. I rest my case and walked away See the picture taken all on 7th April 2010 So today 8th April 2010, I went back again and hopefully the NLB took actions. What a disappointment!! The tank was there and there were dying fishes!! I went to the counter again and told the Librarian that the fishes and corals are dying. They are living thing. The librarian looked indifferent and told me that they already informed the school and that the tank is in-charged by the school. So I asked which school in-charged and she said Victoria Junior College. I then told her that NLB and VJC are very irresponsible and walked away. NLB and VJC are institute for knowledge and imparting responsibilities and this is what they have done! Allowing the fishes and corals to die and pretend nothing wrong! What happen to our moral, civilized Singaporean? Are we still human? This is very sad. So forum users, if you know anyone inside these 2 organizations asked them to do something about it. Their reputation is at stake. Moderator, I am not sure is this the right place to post this. If not, please help move. TQ
  10. Dear Friends, I have 2 fishes and would like to trade for old canon camera, spoil or filmed type is good for me. Because I want to go for a trade-in program by canon. Anyway the fishes I have are: 1) Yellow Angel 2" 2) Maroon Clown 2" All are health and eating well. Please PM me. Cheers PS: I will leave this swop until end of week, if no old camera, I will be giving away to whoever on Sat/Sun. Thanks Fooyl
  11. Dear all, I have a fine yellow angelfish to sell. The size is about 2~2.5", I kept it with Zoas, Octo and mushroom corals. It don't nip or eat them. I feed it twice or thrice a day. See the pic for yourself. Willing to let go at $20/- Thanks Please PM me. fooyl
  12. bro, can reserve #1 & #2 for me. When to collect? Thank you. fooyl
  13. Bro, Interesting and useful software you found. Just to check. is it for nano or for general size tank. I think the name nanoplanner is just the trade mark and I think it can be use for all sizes. Going to install and check it out later. Cheers fooyl
  14. Bro lemon, can I have one of your babies. I am into nano also and going to sell all my current fishes for small and cute like yours regards fooyl
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