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  1. Eshopps

  2. Eshopps

  3. DD Coral Colour Lens

    Yes available.
  4. Maxspect Fragnifier

  5. Maxspect Turbine Duo

    SGD400 for TDK9, SGD520 for TDK 12 and SGD350 for the TDK6
  6. Maxspect Turbine Duo

  7. Closed on CNY 2019

    Dear Customers, We are open from 10am to 2pm on the Eve of CNY; and closed on the 5th and 6th of Feb. We will resume operation on the 7th onward.
  8. The APEX aquarium controller

    Hi, The one that we distributed is meant for our use, 220v - 240v UK Plug. You don 't need to have a converter.
  9. The APEX aquarium controller

    Hi All, Please be advised that if you are having issues with any Neptune Systems product, please contact directly to [email protected] for their customer support. They will get in contact with you within 24hrs via email or Skype for troubleshooting. Otherwise, you can visit their friendly forum @ https://forum.neptunesystems.com/forum.php
  10. Running the new Maxspect Aeraqua Protein Skimmer. Video is the first day running VS 6 days after. First day running:- After running for 6 days:-
  11. USED items for sale

    USED Maxspect R5-150 (3ft-4ft) still available. SGD450 cash and carry. Used less than 6 months.
  12. USED items for sale

    Still available:- 60w Maxspect Razor($150) and IM drop off tank($450).
  13. Maxspect Coral Glue Gun

    Maxspect Coral Glue Gun is available now in our showroom! Alternatively, you can purchase through any, selected, LFS.
  14. Eshopps