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  1. Seachem tidal 55 or 75 for a mix reef

    Thanks all for the advise n ideas
  2. Hi all, i need some advise for seachem hob filter, im having a mix reef 2ft tank, i need advise for the filter thank you.
  3. Uncommon red/orange stripes mushroom

    Upz for the weekend
  4. Uncommon red/orange stripes mushroom

    A clearer picture of how its like
  5. 1 polyp 15 2 polyps 25 3 polyps 35 Mini colony (5 polyps) 50 Interested pls pm or whatsapp me at 94789358
  6. Uncommon red mushroom with white strips

    Mini colony sold to a nice reefer. Upz for single polyp, pls WA me for fast reply, pm may be slower srry in advance
  7. Mushrooms destroyed

    Hi bro i do have yuma that got destroy in 2 days time ( total disappear ) in the end i found gorilla crab which is super bad for mush coral n even fish too , only come out when no lighting, hope it does help
  8. Hi all, need help to iD a few mushroom coral, thks n happy new year all
  9. Uncommon red mushroom with white strips

    Uncommon red/orange mushroom with white s tripes mini colony @50 pm or whatsapp me thks 5big polyps 2 babies Merry christmas
  10. Mini Decom

    Upz for ur sales bro, enjoy ur BMT
  11. WTS pink/purple tip green torch corals

    where to deal bro