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  1. Hi all, im looking for di resin, if have lobang to buy bulk n cheaper do let me know thankz
  2. newbie andy

    Zoas dip

    Hi all, i was wondering furan-2 n ueno japanese yellow powder isit the same kind of function use? Can be use for coral dipping ? As i was searching online but cant find an answer. Need help to understand more, thank you in advance.
  3. Hi all, i need some advise for seachem hob filter, im having a mix reef 2ft tank, i need advise for the filter thank you.
  4. 1 polyp 15 2 polyps 25 3 polyps 35 Mini colony (5 polyps) 50 Interested pls pm or whatsapp me at 94789358
  5. Mini colony sold to a nice reefer. Upz for single polyp, pls WA me for fast reply, pm may be slower srry in advance
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