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  1. Never add angel fish! What if I have remaining fishes that don’t die? Will the disease still be in tank. Thanks !
  2. Hi, many of my fish died within a few days. They have white spots and there seems to be stringy things trailing off the body. Was wondering if it’s velvet. Thanks
  3. Open brains are good too. Euphyllia sometimes can be a bit tricky
  4. Looking for a small frag of the above chalice . WA me 83231723 the size n price. thank you
  5. Looking for small frag of the above . Montipora looking for this kind that encrust and grow upward . Msg me 83231723. Preferably in the east
  6. Looking for small frag of the above. Please message me at 83231723. Also interested In other nice Millepora/prostrata
  7. What light are you using ? May be not enough
  8. Msg me at 83231723 if you have the two above
  9. Looking for the above . can msg me at 83231723. Prefer if got both
  10. Looking to get all 3 together
  11. Looking for red, green and purple monti caps. Preferable if u have all. Contact me at 83231723
  12. Need a source of ammonia to start the cycle. If live rock has die-off it will also help to provide ammonia
  13. Hi I’m looking for a small piece of live rock to seed my Cycling tank. Please contact me at 83231723 thank you
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