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  1. Is my tank ready?

    Need a source of ammonia to start the cycle. If live rock has die-off it will also help to provide ammonia
  2. Hi I’m looking for a small piece of live rock to seed my Cycling tank. Please contact me at 83231723 thank you
  3. Wts last batch zoas

    How it looked in main tank
  4. Wts last batch zoas

    Aog sunny d gone left mostly cat eye
  5. Last batch of zoa in sump. May have lost some color due to ill treatment. All $15 per frag (mostly cat eye, a few armor of god and sunny d) Collection at pasir ris msg 83231723
  6. Fish: whitish anthias - $8 , algae blenny - $5 , yellow watchman goby $5 Coral: forest fire frags $10 , zoas - armor of god , caT eye , eagle eye $15 Rock flower anemone $90 orange green ricordea $40
  7. Wts krakatoa zoa

    All reserved
  8. Wts krakatoa zoa

    Wts krakatoa- leftmost frag $70, other two $50
  9. $70 each, $130 for both Whatsapp me 83231723 collection at pasir ris
  10. Looking to clear fast. Feel free to come over and view. WA 83231723. Collection at pasir ris Rock flower anemone with crab $100 large sunset monti 15cm wide $160 orange green ricordea mushroom $50 Cheap forest fire frags golden clove polyps $10 one bunch lumi green gsp $50 for whole stretch or can tear blue sps colony $120 montipora spongodes colony $90 grey blue sps mini colony $30 bicolor birdnest mini colony $15 red lobo $70 large red lobo 20cm+ wide $180 golden brown cynarina $45 aussie orange bluish lobo $120 red blasto $10 green favia $25 green leather $50 mini colony purple sps with green dots $20 uc $20 per frag 3-4 polyps sunny d, cat eye, armor of god $20 per frag
  11. Wts many corals (tank restart)

    Left those in the updated post
  12. Wts fishes

    Left yellow wrasses and the gobies
  13. Wts fishes

    Will catch after clearing corals. WA 83231723 collection at pasir ris blue tang $40 yellow wrasse $6 , pair for $10 yellow watchman goby $5 flame hawkfish $45 cleaner goby (not wrasse) $15 orange striped goby $15 diamond watchman goby $5 purple blackcap basslet $35 royal gramma $45 Midas blenny $35 lyretail anthias $8 , 1 pair $15
  14. Wts many corals (tank restart)

    Update: Zoa assortment fcfs sunny d, sunkist, supernova, utter chaos, true rastas, cat eye, blue zoas, eagle eye, mandarian orange, rainbow infusion, krakatoa forest fire frags various size $5-$10 lumi gsp $10-$20 large Monti spongodes $100 teal maze brain abt 14cm wide $60 large bue sps colony $140 rainbow stylo frag $5 green leather $60 xl sized 24cm wide red lobo $220 green favia $25 red monti $20 red green favia abt 15cm wide $90 blue crocea clam $50 Large blue maxima clam 15cm+ $200 sunset monti pieces large sunset monti 15cm+ $200 large montipora undata 20cm+ $100 grey blue sps $30 blue green sps $45 rock flower $180 rock flower $120 red lobo (blue light) $90 golden brown cynarina $55