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  1. Want to buy 1-2” multibranch Mille frags. Pls PM if available, thanks
  2. Have one kedd red frag to let go. About 20 polyps, going for $25 deal at Buona Vista area. Pls PM if interested, thanks
  3. I have some to giveaway, can PM me if you interested
  4. Hi, have a new one gallon container of partB (C-balance) going for $30. I don’t use this for my KH dosing as I am already using baking soda deal at Buona Vista area. Pls PM if interested
  5. Thanks for sharing! I think outdoor tanks are really interesting & hope to see more successful tanks like this considering the sun we get in our region is ideal for growing corals!
  6. Still looking for this! Pls PM me if you have any for sale thanks
  7. Hi no need to dose Ca & KH as your water volume is substantial compared to the number of SPS you have. Noticed that you are dosing kalk, 2part Bionic, & running CR. That’s quite a lot going on there.. A few SPS frags or colonies will not cause your parameters to fall too much, weekly water changes will be sufficient to replenish levels. Unless you get more clams & SPS, & if you don’t dose for a day & observe levels consistently dropping, then it means your livestock is consuming the elements & it’s time to dose. However, we must also be aware that there’s a certain degree of error/accuracy when we use our hobbyist test kits
  8. Nutrients are nitrates & phosphates, which are the by-products of food and waste added to the tank. Balancing level of nutrients are key in a healthy reef tank, as too low nutrients your livestock may starve, whereas too high nutrients, algae will thrive, if you have more LPS they would appreciate the nutrients too. But nuisance algae can get out of control very quickly. As for lighting, my own take is that regular LED lights are suitable for growing caulerpa. White, red lights are of suitable wavelength for growing it
  9. Just to share.. caulerpa is known to go ‘sexual’, that’s where it start to whithen. Some counter-measures are to run the light on the caulerpa 24/7, or pruning it regularly. another possibility is your nutrients are low
  10. JMW

    Chaeto to giveaway

    I have one small container. PM me
  11. Sand is no longer for sale, mods pls close thread thanks
  12. Decomm my old tank, WTS 2L of Caribsea Arga sand. 1-2mm grain sand, see pic for reference. Better for lower flow tanks $5 for both containers. Collection at Buona Vista area. Pls PM if interested thanks
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