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  1. my 1st nano reef tank

    Is something blocking the outlet or inlet? One thing is do is check the pump to ensure is running fine. If the vibration continues, can place some kind of vibration damping pad or cloth between the DT & HOF contact surfaces
  2. 10 days tank on auto pilot

    Sorry for the loss of that acro colony, good to know the rest are ok. 10days is quite a long time though, & we reefers know that so much can go wrong in a blink of an eye: electrical outage, equipment failing, etc can share what you did to fail-safe your tank for these 10days? Did you get a tank-sitter?
  3. Another attempt on Nano Reef

    Sorry for your losses. I always thought that you were running a nice nano tank. It’s interesting to read that LEDs directly contributed to your SPS dying because they weren’t strong enough. Could you share your light settings?
  4. Tuxedo urchin and zoanthid

    Tuxedo urchins are known to attach small items such as rubble or frags, or in your case loose zoas on their backs. Probably as a form of camouflage. It will hold on to it as long as it likes. You can try to slowly pry the zoas loose using a satay stick, but be gentle so as to not injure the urchin & yes they are reef safe hope this helps!
  5. It looks like a vermetid snail. Can scrape it off, the hard surface is its shell. These drop out slime trails into the water that can irritate corals
  6. Yea agree with the bros who have commented above; the sheer volume of Aiptasia would make natural predation or manual intervention an uphill battle. It’s a numbers game, & plus a whole new anemone can regrow from a new fragment. My approach would be to remove the rock, soak in vinegar, then bleach. This guarantees 100% removal of the aiptasia on this rock. Just note that the bleach & vinegar must be done separately, not together as together they generate gases that are dangerous for our respiratory system!!
  7. am looking for small frag of valida/bonsai frag. Preferably 1-2” multibranch shape pls PM if you have one to let go
  8. Hi there

    Thanks for sharing. It’s an interesting setup & I would agree that you may find long-term success by stocking your tank with livestock that are more adaptable or originate from warmer waters
  9. Hi there

    Hi nice setup, how do you keep your tank temperature low without a chiller? Do you use a cooling fan?
  10. WTB Par 38 Holder

    Do they sell gooseneck holders?
  11. Hi guys, wanna clear frags off my sandbed. Frag has around 10 heads. These give off a bright red glow under actinics letting go for $15.. Deal at Buona Vista area. Pls PM is interested.
  12. New Setup

    Really nice guys any tips on how you all prevent chaeto bits from getting to the return pump compartment?
  13. New Setup

    Nice, any mechanical filters in your IOS area?
  14. Purple Red Milli Frag

    Any pics of the actual frags?