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  1. Hi selling or trade my speckled karkatoa zoa $68/polyp Open for trade with other coral. I'm looking Golden hammer, golden torch, cynarinas, lobo, prata, premium sps frag to trade.we trade with the same values. Thks All very stable frag. Some polyp wan start grow out baby zoa. Any reefer interested can PM me. Thks
  2. Hi. Have some karkatoa frags for sale. Total have 13 frags single polyp $68/frag 4 frags one big polyp with one baby $98/frag. Collection at jurong east st32 Who Interested Can PM and WhatsApp me. Thks
  3. Hi reefer, have some karkatoa zoa frag for selling and trade.. All frag very stable and start grow out baby zoa. Some frag already grow 2 to 3 baby zoa. Selling price $68/polyp. Depend on frag have how many polyps. Or any reefer have any premium zoa or coral wan to trade. is welcome. I don't mind used more than one frags to trade with you premium zoa or coral. Depend your coral value. I looking to trade coral on below list. Master karkatoa Empress karkatoa Adonis Stratosphere If u interested to buy or trade can PM me. 83231438
  4. Hi, let go my 2ft ATI hybrid power module (T5 + led) with 2 more 2ft supplement led. Still very good working condition. Until now still using..selling this ATI bcz upgrade to 3ft . Selling price $650 WhatsApp me 83231438. If any reefer interested. can send u picture.
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