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  1. hi - giving away red tuxedo urchin (around 2 inch). interested whatsapp 38284194. collect at Tg Rhu (436919) Thanks.
  2. from my experience only acans. other LPS are fine.
  3. left only kz coral booster.. thanks.
  4. only left kz coral booster and kz flatworm stop.
  5. digi all reserved. left 2 rbta.
  6. selling 1. rbta (big) - $30 2. rbta (smaller) - $20 3. jade green digi (4 large frag- fcfs) - $10 whatsapp 83284194 collect @ tanjong Rhu (436919) Thanks
  7. clearing cabinet. 1. polyplab reef roids - 70% left. $10 2. polyplab polyps booster- 70% left. $10 3. kz flatworm stop 500ml - 60% left. $30 4. kz coral booster 250ml - 50% left. - $25 5. kz coral snow plus 100ml - 40% left - $10 6. redsea no pox 500ml - 60% left - $7 7. vibrant - 90% left - $60 8. coral colour lens - $25 whatsapp 83284194 collect @ tanjong Rhu (436919) Thanks
  8. letting go the following 1. super sun coral/ dendrophyllia - around 9 big heads and many medium and smaller heads. - 120 sgd 2. red monti frag - 25 each 3. jade green monti frag - multiple - from 10-20 sgd interested whatsapp - 83284194 collect @ tanjong rhu
  9. up for tomorrow. - yellow digi is sold out - jade green digi left the 2nd jade green photo thanks to all the bros that came today. nice chit chat and exchange of information on each others' tank. below are some photo 1. example of "lime in the sky" green stag frag - > 3 inch sold to nice bro 2. top view of frogskin acropora
  10. hi Reefers, looking to clear/trim some of my overgrown sps frag and colonies. picture below. 1. yellow digi colony & frag - between 15-60 sgd 2. jade green digi large frag - between 20-30 sgd 3. green smooth frogskin acro 4. red monti cap 5. "lime in the sky" green stag for #3,4,5 - i will trim/frag if you are interested. general guideline is 10sgd for a frag around 2.5 inches. if you want a larger pieces - size & price of the frags are negotiable. interested whatsapp 83284194. collect at Tanjong Rhu. thank you.
  11. hi - clownfish will host anything that they like to host. even if you get a rbta it does not guarantee that they will host it. i have seen clownfish hosting giant clam. as for the gonio, if the gonio is healthy it will learn to adapt to the clownfish. if the gonio is unhealthy or weak then the clownfish will irritate it and it will lose heads slowly. my clownfishes are hosting hammer coral eventhough i have rbta just next to the hammer coral.
  12. if the clownfish are eating, i will leave it and let them be. sometimes fish fights and get torn fin, injury in the eye, cuts here and there. for me this is part of nature. normally i just let them be and monitor. unless the fish is getting bullied until it is hiding for days and not eating then only i will intervene.
  13. yes it is the normal behaviour for clown. bigger one is female. smaller one is male. bigger female will nip at the male to show dominance. smaller male will shake his body to show submission to the female.
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