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  1. Looking for more sps frags
  2. WTS: 1 yr old AI PRIME HD $230 (Black color) with stand (confirmed with Reef depot) 92954138 upgraded to Hydra 26HD.
  3. Voodoo $150 Red hornet $80 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. Preferences for Angel fish, nip my clam mantle, hence not keeping anymore. With me for close to 1 yr Color has dropped compared to former glory. (2nd photo) Selling it for $70, comes with clam base 6cm
  5. Wts nice Yuma $60 No longer keeping Yuma 9295 4138
  6. branching setosa frag - $45 purple monti frag - $30
  7. Not longer keeping... Brought at $60 each now sell $35 each On big frag plug
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