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  1. Chiller has strong Voltage and not grounded. resulting in the shock. Go convert to 3 pin and your problem should be solved. 2 pin chiller is very dangerous.
  2. R using a 2 pin hailea chiller? If it is so, convert it to 3 pin plug. It should sort the problem.
  3. Get a electricial test pen. Then on equipment 1 by 1 to test the stray voltage. Usually is main pump faulty.
  4. Where did u buy the IOS tank and how many feet it is?
  5. Interesting lights! How much does it cost for 4 of them?
  6. The LPS Green Prata I think? i suggest shift it to a friend stable tank to hold it first
  7. Hi The Acan and scolly dun look at full puff form. How long is yr tank already? maintain yr tank for 6 months then start adding the high end corals.
  8. Mine is from china but I guess it is the oem version. Lol
  9. I have 1 digital one. But it always gives me reading 1.021 or 1.020.
  10. Please approach Lorenzo to be mentor.... lol
  11. Ladynano I highly suggest u follow and attached yourself to an experienced mentor so that your journey will be much easier. Sun coral is not a good buy for small setup. Nano tank is best to go with softies - zoas, mushroom, xenia, leather
  12. buy a Fox Face Fish or Yellow Tang, they will eat the algae.
  13. Okok later... when I have time..
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