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  1. Hi folks i'm selling the following..please sms me or give me a call at 90226239 if you're interested. Marine stuff DI canister (the kind that's sold in aquatechnic) - $100 Weipro double tube fluorescent light set for 3 ft tank (Comes with 2 tube of ZooMed) - $30 Dymax 36W PL for 2 ft tank - $10 Bike stuff Haro Extreme X0 frame with free Haro seatpost n Koshi saddle - $190 Marzocchi Exr Supra suspension fork - $170 RaceFace Prodigy XC Crankset with free BB - $80 Thomson Seatpost 31.6 (Silver & cut to about 260mm but never used) - $60 Deore XT Rear D - $50 E.Thirteen Dual Ring Chainguide(New & still in box, bought on impulse) - $170
  2. Sorry made a mistake, the Birkenstock is selling for $60 only.
  3. Here's the Birkenstock
  4. Hi folks, i have two pair of shoes for sale. Item1: Nike AirMax1 bought bout half a year ago but seldom worn. In fact i think i wore it for less then 7 times. Size 8.5. $90 Item2: Birkenstock bought about 5 months ago, seldom worn too. European size 41 which is asian size 8. $80
  5. Hi smsed you but no reply. Please let me know if it's still available.
  6. Hi folks I have a Korg D8 digital 8 track recorder for sale. $350. Mint condition. Interested parties please email me at [email protected]
  7. Hey folks Heard that ReefenNature(Block C Mainland Farm, PasirRis) will be having an opening launch on the 31st of July and 1st of August, that's this weekend! There'll be a 20% discount on all livestocks! There'll also be refreshments for customers! Wah..mai too liao!
  8. Hi folks does anyone know where i can send EIDO Chiller for servicing? Mine broke down so must bring for repair.
  9. I feel the same way as you bro...
  10. Hi folks great article here. Good information.
  11. Yes, his previous batch of Moorish Idol was feeding on brine shrimp. Saw him demo.
  12. verrucosa


    Wah..so cute!!!! how old is it?
  13. So will you folks stop buying livestock from a lfs if you know their stocks are cyanide caught?
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