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  1. WTS Rodi system

    How much tds can obtain?
  2. DIY Full Acrylic Frag Tray

  3. Thanks for the information. It’s not black face type
  4. Hi, am looking on the above, anyone letting go, please pm me . Thanks
  5. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Correct me ...thought po4 should be as 0 as possible ?
  6. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Hi, would like to check with you what you mean when you mentioned you stopped dosing PO4 & PO4 dropped??? Thanks
  7. WTS: Hanna Checker - Phosphorus URL

    Still available?
  8. Another new chapter of a mini ocean!!

    Light different and not enough no3 and po4 ...haha
  9. WTS Onyx clownfish

    Where to collect if keen?
  10. Another new chapter of a mini ocean!!

    It the main server. Sometimes just cannot connect and hearsay our telco “block” it for some reasons.
  11. Clownfish eggs disappeared

    No 4 possible...felt the danger and distroy. Maybe also first time parents. try to isolate if possible . Gd luck
  12. Vinegar Dosing

    If u get the desire No3...the dosing stops or continue?