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  1. haha thank u thank u. trying to keep that extra tank of water to $50 per month
  2. can i ask if this camera can do videoing? got tripod available to let the camera stand on its own?
  3. yooo large cuff, u can always buy the large cuff. i had this problem too. i bought a good Omron from Blood Pressure Monitors Omron and found out that the cuff is not big enough for my parent's arm. so i emailed them and they told me that the box comes with default sized cuff, but if needed, can always buy a large cuff from them also. I bought it and used it as good as one from the doctor's. hope can help u in some way.
  4. good ah. just these alone can read for 3 days liao thanks for sharing
  5. OC is worried it would be like $500 a mth.. i told her not possible.. haha just want to reassure her lol
  6. sian i am late. the website is down liao, cannot beo anymore
  7. wah thanks for all these interesting news i came this thread coz of "responsible reefing". like the idea of taking care of environment
  8. oh no, im one of those old guys.. im closer to 40 liao.... ^.^
  9. ask u guys ah, this is important for my OC to approve my plant. how much do u think u would spend per month just on the electricity and water bills for a mid sized tank? obviously i am having budget reviews by my OC..... ^.^
  10. paiseh got name of the seaweed plant? then i can tell the uncle at the shop what to buy, so easier for me. ^.^
  11. hahaha no need to force one.. i feel those articles v useful for pple who are interested. must read up all before i starting buying! lol
  12. wah i should have found this forum 1 year ago. hahaha ok late better than never. crap, i am going to spend whole day reading liao lololol
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