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  1. Brown finger leather is available again. Measures 15cm across. Xenias also available.
  2. All corals reserved. Some Xenias still available. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have some very healthy corals to clear as my tank is getting too crowded. These corals have been in my tank for more than a year. 1. galaxy coral 12cm across. $15. This is a big piece so please be sure you have the space for it. 2. Brown Finger leather coral. 12 cm across. $10. This is a big piece so please make sure you have the space. 3. Green leather coral 6cm. Well established frag on a plug. $12 4. Xenia frags attached to rock. $12 per piece. $8 if u buy with any other item. collect at postal code 436606. Please WhatsApp 91398125 as I do not check this forum often. thanks!
  4. More Xenia and green leather frags for sale. collect from postal code 436606. Please WhatsApp 9-1-3-9-8-1-2-5 as I don’t check this forum frequently. Thanks!
  5. Pink pulsing Xenias - 5 frags attaches to coral chips as shown. 1 for $12. 2 for $20. Take all 5 for $30. Chalice about 8cm - $5 ( must buy together with any other item) Green leather on frag plugs - 1 for $12. 2 for $20. 3 for $25. yellow sps - $15. About 8 cm collect at postal code 436606. Please PM me at 91398125. I do not check this forum regularly
  6. Here is a video of the mother colony of Xenias that I am fragging from. IMG_5636.MOV
  7. Have quite few frags to clear. All have been matured and establish on plugs for 5 weeks now. Pink pulsing Xenias $12 per frag plug Green Leather $12 per frag plug also have one green lumi mushroom $12 buy any 2 for $20. collect from 436606. Please PM if keen. thanks.
  8. If you know where he sleeps, you can switch on the lights and shine torchlight at him at night. He will be asleep and should be able to catch.
  9. The mushrooms and bigger Xenia clump is sold. The leather coral has also been sold. Thanks for all the great interest.
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