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  1. Anyone reason why you chose the AI fuge instead of the kessil h380?
  2. about palm size when opened $12 at clementi
  3. looking for wire corals. Do pm me if you're selling. Thanks!
  4. Is the chiller sufficient for a 4 by 2.5 tank? How long does it take to cool 1 degree?
  5. Hi bro, Pinnacle has some.
  6. Looking for caulerpa lentillifera, prolifera, green grapes etc. EXCEPT chaeto. Or just let me know which type of macroalgae you have. Contact: 90674974 Gracias
  7. Hi CKS, I'm planning to do an IOS tank dedicated to macro-algae as well. Hope you can answer some questions of mine. 1.What are the dimensions of your DT? 2.Do you think a skimmer is necessary for a macro-algae tank? 3.Are you currently using any po4 remover like rowaphos etc? Or any other tips someone who would like to start up a macro-algae tank. Haha Thanks in advance!
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