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  1. Kindly pm me with images and price if you're selling . Thanks. Image of pink sinularia for reference
  2. oh no, so sorry for the loss of your fishes and the leak. would the 1/2 hp chiller be sufficient for a tank of that size ?
  3. did you get your tank from Da***? thought the side control panel looked familiar haha
  4. how “nano” was your nano tank previously? borbonius are my favourites as well. used to have them before my downgrade. afraid my nano tank isn’t big enough for them as well
  5. Seahorses are up for sale again. For those who are interested, kindly PM me again. Apologies for inconvenience caused. Forgot to add, careless me. Only letting them go as a pair.
  6. Thanks for the overwhelming response. Kindly give me some time to get back to all of you. Also forgot to mention, collection will only be available on saturday onwards. Before purchasing, kindly be aware of their care requirements, what can/cannot be kept with these amazing creatures. Not just a "throw in my tank and hope for the best" approach. The seahorses will thank you
  7. selling 2 female captive bred seahorses both feeding on frozen mysis enriched with selcon $55 each. PM me if interested
  8. Thanks sis! Another taobao build coming up. LOL kiddin.
  9. Wow! Do you mind sharing a link for tank? Didn't know people would taobao over fish tanks. Hard to find when you're not well versed in mandarin haha
  10. Anyone reason why you chose the AI fuge instead of the kessil h380?
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