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  1. That's sounds good. I suspect I had the problem of light overheating because the hood compartment is small and quite well sealed. If have enough volume in the hood like you., probably will be much better.
  2. That's good, this will prevent light set from overheating too
  3. I would suggest that you buy something like maxspect nanoplates and bury it just under ur sand bed.
  4. Do take into account for the heat generated by light set in the enclosed hood. Maybe u want to build in some ventilation
  5. I doubt this will reduce ur phos especially since ur nitrate is at very low level. In ur case if u want to go carbon dosing route, you have to dose nitrate as well.
  6. In my experience, feeding fresh seafood such as live Venus clams or mussels can provide good nutrition so that the immune system of the fish can combat it. If not, soak the pellets in hufa such as selcon will help quite a bit as well. From my experience and reading articles online, garlic may or may not have much effect in dealing with parasites.
  7. Maybe you want to hear from others as well. All the best!
  8. If it works, a reactor is good because it ensure the water flows thru the media instead of around the bag holding the media (which will reduce flow and/or be clogged). But in my tank, I find nyos too unreliable, Probably because my tank has quite a bit of suspension due to heavy fish load. I have the reactor pop off dumping almost a litre of carbon into my sump. In another occasion, the top of the reactor popped off half-way, and quite a bit of water spilled on the floor. If ur tank has little suspended particles, guess it will work well. But for my case, definately not worth the risk.
  9. I had quite a bit of problem with nyos. The top and bottom plates of the reactor is held in place with an O ring only. So if the pressure inside the reactor build up (like a clogged sponge) the reactor can pop open by itself. Nice concept but I would feel much safer when there is a mechanical lock
  10. Also, chloroquine phosphate is quite effective for ich treatment, provided you can get the fishes to eat medicated pellets
  11. Polyp-lab medic can give fish a breathing space but what you observed could be the normal life cycle of ich. The parasites will drop off and reproduce. So do keep adding the treatment even if you see less spots or none at all. So far, the method work for me is to feed fishes diligently with as "live" food as possible from ocean. Such as live clams, fish egg etc. Not only do they provide lots of nutrients, they also contain lots of different bacteria which may help fishes with their immune system.
  12. What I mean is that the rowaphos won't be able to tumble when used in the same reactor as carbon
  13. Thus the problem with multi-medium reactors such as torq. If you set the flowrate based on carbon, which shouldn't tumble, then can't effectively fluidise GFO.
  14. Please don't fluidise aluminium based phosphate remover in a reactor. It will release fine dust which can lead to Al problem very quickly. Gfo however, needs to be fluidised to be most effective.
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