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  1. How does your refugium work? Thinking to add one to my tank
  2. Hi, Anyone letting go of stable clam? Preferably in North West area like CCK
  3. Hi, Anyone selling stable clam and xenia? Preferably deal at CCK side
  4. Hi, Anyone selling RBTA Looking for a big one. Preferably nesr Woodlands or CCK area. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Moving to shift house in couple of months. Any service to shift my tank with livestock? 2 fert IOS tank (no sump) with maybe 10 corals and 5 fish. Any idea how much it will cost?
  6. the monticap is growing surprisingly well.. its like the simplest coral to keep
  7. Hi, i have a question. heard from a LFS that you dun really need to dose phytoplankton.. ad every time you clean your glass tank, scrubbing out the algae growth counts as a source of phytoplankton. is is true??
  8. Hi, Budget reef light for sale for $80 Used for 7 months. Timer controllable. Enough for 2 feet tanks Review: https://reefbuilders.com/2016/04/05/aquamaxx-nemolight-led-review-pt-2-how-it-looks-over-corals/ Thanks
  9. Slight rescape with higher arch.. tank looks so empty all of sudden one excuse to stock up more
  10. Hi, Have 1 pulsing Xenia on a plug to let go collect at Yew Tee. anyone?
  11. So many feather dusters on my elegance. is it “normal”?? good thing or bad thing??
  12. Ok, gotten my SPS.. One small potato chip, haha
  13. Thinking to get some SPS for the SPS colours and look. any hard Beginner SPS to recommend?? my temp is about 28C after adding a cooling fan. is it good enough for SPS??
  14. Err.. just normal stacking.. leaning against the back wall.. hopefully it does not drop, haha
  15. Thanks! so far the yellow tang still quite well behaved
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