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  1. Updates for the weekend. Come and view our latest Aussie shipment! Many gems available for selection!
  2. Tang nipping on LPS

    Noted will try keeping it in another tank for a while thanks guys
  3. Tang nipping on LPS

    Hi, does anyone had issue with tangs that had been in the tank for a while but suddenly going after LPS? If so, how did you deal with it besides removing the fish? I had a purple tang that I like a lot and it had been specifically going after my two trachyphyllia for a few days now. Tank had a nutrient issue so recently reduced feeding to once every two days so this issue started. Trying to use seaweed to distract it and ensure that it is well fed but does not seem to be working. Appreciate any inputs. Thanks! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. [emoji305]Reefing Reality[emoji305] Aussie LPS Shipment arrived Assorted Acan 60 Pieces! - Ultra Grade Acan (M-L) - Rainbow Grade Acan (S-M) Assorted Wall Hammer (M-L) - Pink - Gold Stem Blue Tip - Green Assorted Lobophyllia (M-L) Assorted Chalice - Golden Eye - Pink Eye - Green Eye - Pink - Green Speckled - Tri-color Assorted Favia/Favites - Ultra Assorted Maze - Neon Green Assorted Goniopora - Neon Green Goniopora - Green With Blue Face Assorted Brains - Green Metallic - Green Toxic - Red Rim - Rainbow Scolymia - WarPaint - Bleeding Apple - High End Montipora - Chilli Pepper - Superman Duncan Coral Blastomussa Leather Fingers Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Seachem tidal 55 or 75 for a mix reef

    It is possible but it is very difficult...those able to have long term tanks with limited filtration probably are experts and know their tank and stuff very well. Won’t recommend to someone just starting out. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Seachem tidal 55 or 75 for a mix reef

    Don’t think HOB enough for mixed reef. Go with sump system or at least a canister. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Selection of Cynarina and Euphyllia corals available @ Reefing Reality
  8. Which Bio Media to change to

    Bio Active. Don't need to wash but you may want to take a bucket of tank water, but the media in to shake off the detritus every now and then. But this can only be done if it is in a media bag.
  9. Which Bio Media to change to

    Siporax best bio media hands down if you don't mind spending more. Maxspect bio balls is also a good choice
  10. Is this crab safe?

    Best to get rid of something you are not sure of...anyway most crabs are bad
  11. Reefer 350 Mixed Reef

    Nope...ready to go. Simply need to install equipment by yourself
  12. Reefer 350 Mixed Reef

    Madpetz Aquatic Studio Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  13. Update of Acropora stock available at Reefing Reality. More to choose from in store.
  14. Lights for mixed reef

    I still think you need two Hydra 52s
  15. Lights for mixed reef

    You won't have enough spread and you will get hotspots where par is too high if you do this. Running them 100% all the time will shorten the lifespan of the LED also. Also don't get Kessils if you are going for Sps. They are more expensive than Hydras, have poor par output and distribution and Sps don't seem to look them. But aesthetically they are the best LED and I would recommend Kessils for a softie/LPS tank only. T5s enhance growth of sps but electrical consumption high and heat output is high. If your chiller fails your whole tank may GG lol