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  1. Aquaforest Reef Salt

    Reasonably priced at a retail price of $91 for the 22kg. It dissolves easily and can tell that it has strict quality control. Also like that how it has a batch code in each bucket so that the buyer is able to know the parameters of the salt one is getting by inputting the batch code into Aquaforest's website. Overall, excellent product.
  2. Corals

    Hi Danial, Peter here. All these are soft corals so as long as you provide adequate flow and light should be okay. Leather corals and Zoas prefer medium to high flow and low to medium light conditions. Also watch for your algae as they can choke and outcompete your corals. Lastly, leather corals shed their ‘skin’ every now and then and polyps will remain closed while the shedding is going on. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. Hermit Crab Issues

    It came out of its shell for a day or two and went back to its original shell Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. Hello! I have a blue leg hermit crab that has just moulted. After moulting, he refuses to inhabit his current shell and goes to hide in a corner of the tank. Does anyone know where can I get/buy suitable shells for it? And how long can he survive without a shell? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Ich problem and stocking density

    Thank you! Would you recommend any alternative biological media?
  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum and roughly new to the reefing hobby, about 6 months of experience. Would like to seek advice on stocking density and an ich problem. Currently, I have six fishes in a quarantine tank for 3 weeks already. - A pair of ocellaris clownfish - Yellow Watchmen Goby - Longnose Hawkfish - PJ Cardinalfish - Banggai Cardinalfish I am emptying the tank of fishes for 6 weeks to solve my ich problem, wonder if this method is proven to work? So the fishes will spend another 3 weeks more in quarantine. As for my tank system, I am using the Innovative Marine Nano Fusion 20. Filtration - Chemipure blue nano 2 packets - Filter sock - Bio balls - Innovative Marine 3 stage sponge filtration - Refugium (Chaeto) - Innovative Marine Ghost Skimmer There are the current invertebrates housed in the display tank as well as a variety of soft corals and LPS: Fire Shrimp x1 Blue leg hermit crab x3 Nassarius Snail x3 Abalone x1 Red sea star x1 Sand shifting star x1 I just like to ask if the fish stocking density is too much and whether I am able to solve the ich problem by emptying my tank of fishes for 6 weeks. Thank you!