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  1. All rainbow incinerator except one 1Polyp taken, Armor of god, endless gobstopper, butt munchers, and 2 frags of purple monster and the john deere leptastrea taken . Up for the rest
  2. Looking for a very small frag of neptune bounce willing to pay up to $400 for a ≤1cm piece depending on size. Please PM if you have one for sale.
  3. Have some frags for sale for super low prices to clear space quick. Rainbow Incinerator- [3x] 1 Polyp $40 each frag [1x] 2 polyp $70 Purple monster frags - [3x] Small $20 (5 Polyps~ each) [1x] Large $30 (8~ polyps) Endless gobstopper [1x] - $30 LA lakers [1x] - $12 Buttmunchers [2x] - $20 each (3-4Polyps each) Armor of god [1x] - $15 (2 polyps) John deere leptastrea [1x] - $30 (2cm frag) Collection at Siglap. Bundles can get discounts!
  4. Fairy tail reserved I2 reserved Sent from my Phone 2 using Tapatalk
  5. Fairy tail zoa $30 Sent from my Phone 2 using Tapatalk
  6. i2, c2 reserved by xxxx8989
  7. I did some mass fragging a while ago and am selling the excess. Collection at 455112 at Siglap please PM me trades welcome. Buttmunchers - (B1,B2) $30 each frag (Min 3 polyps each) Illuminati - (I1, I2) $30 each frag (Min 3 polyps each) Everlasting gobstopper - (C1, C2) $30 each frag (Min 3 polyps each) La lakers - (L1,L2) $12 each frag (Min 5 polyps) Amour of god- (A1) $15 (2 polyps) John Deere leptastrea - (LE1) $30 (2.5cm frag)
  8. 3 polyp uc reserved
  9. Green birdsnest frags small $5 large $10 Sent from my Phone 2 using Tapatalk
  10. leptastrea, rasta, illuminati and 2 polyp UC are reserved
  11. Utter chaos frag 3 polyp ones $15 each 2 polyp $10 John deere leptastrea $35 Illuminati zoa $30 Tyree rasta $25 Collection at Siglap/Bedok
  12. Have the following for trade PM for pricing/trade offers. Looking mostly for bounce shrooms, cool mushrooms, premium zoas and other interesting encrusting corals. Collect at siglap Ids are by picture order. "Illuminati" zoa Toxic green bounce mushroom John deere lepastrea
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