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  1. Duncan reduce to $50 Nighcrawler to $30 Illuminati to $50 Ice and fire to $50 discos to $30 for rock Better pic of duncan
  2. Bunch of mid-high end corals for trade will do sales if no good offers are taken. Corals with "Quotation marks" are those i am either unsure of the id or ids have similar variants. Duncan coral 6 Heads - $60 "Ice and fire yuma" - $70 OG Godzilla yuma - $150 White striped discosoma Whole rock - $40 "Illuminati zoas" - $65 "Nightcrawler zoa"-$40 PM Me with offers if you are interested collection at Siglap and bedok Wants - Bounce mushrooms jawbreaker shrooms and other premium zoas
  3. WTB emerald crab

    Oh thats a little too far for me anywhere else maybe?
  4. Anyone have an emerald crab or know where i can buy one?
  5. Great Singapore Sale!!!

    Decade and a half
  6. Selling this neon green japanese toadstool around 1" when fully open $65 Collection at siglap
  7. looking for small bounce mushrooms not small bubbles but small diameter send pic with price via PM thanks. Preferably 2.5cm or less