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  1. Big Green slimer with multiple branches at 78..
  2. Watermelon favia at 35 bucks.
  3. Yellow spondges digi with multiple branches at 28 bucks
  4. Yellow stylophora at 38 bucks.
  5. Blue stag at 38 bucks.
  6. Another frag of UFO Chalice with 3 eyes. Collection at tiong bahru area. Thks
  7. Lime in the sky at 30 bucks.
  8. Blue purple dragon at 30
  9. Mini colony true fibre optic at 38
  10. Another green slimer big multiple branches at. 80 bucks.
  11. Another clear view of green slimer.
  12. Hi All, Letting go this UFO Chalice at 90. Collection at tiong bahru area. Interested parties please pm me for details. Thks Regards
  13. Slimer green stag with big multiple branches at 80 bucks Take note : few tip burnt due to to touching of other sps but will recover.
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