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  1. Purple chalice coral about 6 inch diameter Looking for trade with sps. Watsapp for pics. 986867zero6
  2. Purple chalice coral about 6 inch diameter Looking for trade with sps. Watsapp for pics. 98686706
  3. You have a sample pic? Usually sand anemones stays at one place when u place them. I have a sandbed thus i dig a hole for it. Need high/moderate lighting. Have 2 in my tank. And i feed mine daily when i feed my fishes. Mine is a bright pink sand anemone. And by luck its hosting a clownfish. Dont usually happen... The other one just lepak beside a plate coral and funny that the plate coral didnt go to war with it. So they live in peace touching each other but no stinging sign from each other
  4. hahah @MarCal , wait in line ah. Bro Ken already say he donate to me if he no more space hahahahaha. The water bro not the anemone lol!
  5. Used both. Sold the artica away due to the size. Its like a giant gaming cpu. Settled with a teco due to the size. One thing i noticed with my teco i have to set a about 4 deg lower for the desired temp in my tank. Ex 26deg main tank. Set teco at 22 deg with this settings it seems not to work too hard as much when setting much lower temp on the teco I cant barely hear the compressor turns on.Maybe because the main water that is pumped thru is already cold to begin with and it just maintains the cold. When set much higher temp it seems to be working abit on the fulltime. Unnoticeable compressor sound or maybe im already deaf from the protein skimmer sound. For the artica she is a tank to move around but easier to clean and service.Artica chills faster in my opinion. Teco has a sensor problem which if ur water temp is 29 deg. You must set the teco at 27 deg in order for the teco to start the compressor. If u set to 19 deg.. no go it will just shut down and restart..Then u gradually lower and lower to ur desired temp on the unit. i settled for the teco due to the size.
  6. Omg too beautiful. Best give me so u have more space for the zoas! Hahahaha i so jealous.
  7. Beautiful bro. Is that a mega dinosaur leather coral on the lhs of the tank? Oh my its huge like a carpet.
  8. I was at coral farm lkc yesterday. I there are quite alot of young tangs that just arrived
  9. Necro Bump ! any kind reefer can update for 2018?
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