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  1. Nice bro. Was thinking of the NYOS too. What media are u using. Rowaphos? Maybe after finishing my Seachem phosguard. Was thinking of Clarisea too, but sump too small Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Have small ATS bro. Maybe no choice have to use reactor soon. Lol the artificial rocks are leaching phosphates like nobody’s biz. Lol SSC is pretty hard to color up. I have one still brown. Lol
  3. Having algae issues and scratches on glass lol. Other than that SPS growing well! Colours not too bad lol
  4. Thanks for the intro on torq. Went k check out the videos and look really impressive. Seriously thinking or replacing my Santa Monica ATS with this. The only issue I have is the extremely small sump for Red Sea reefer. Was thinking of using Clarisea too.... faint...don’t think can fit all 3 in. Unless I change the sump....
  5. I’m currently using sea chem phosguard and it works for me. Was battling algae issues until I used this. Any recommendations other than a reactor. Btw, I put for about 3-4 days before I remove the media and only use when algae is really bad. Thanks
  6. Got a bag of chaeto from LFS. Almost dumped the whole bag in. Thought it was fat amphipods. Upon close inspection, it was flat worms (tons of it). U never know what “freebies” ur going to get. Better to inspect closely.
  7. Thanks! LOL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Any reefer here with experience in crabs and anemone. Is this normal? If not, who is messing with who. LOL
  9. If budget allows. And eventually u want to keep more demanding sps, the Radions are a good chioce. Having used both. I prefer the intensity of the Radions. But some prefer the hydras. Interface for hydras are much better with built in WiFi. U need a laptop for Radions unless u buy a reef link.
  10. For a start yes, place the lights higher but may be unsightly and glaring to ur eyes. U will also have lots of “blind spots” and the spread is just not there. The good thing about hydra is the diffuser is inbuilt. Whereas for Radions, u need to purchase them.
  11. 3 x 26 will give u a much better spread compared to 2 x 52. The common issue is the brace bar or overflow in the middle. Most people use a hanging kit or rail to overcome this.
  12. Got this porcelain anemone crab at 60% of cos it has one missing leg and claw. After 2 weeks it’s molted and grew back it’s claw.
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