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  1. Looking for Chaeto

    Found. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wtg- chaeto

    Keep for me sis. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Looking for Chaeto

    Anyone giving away some? Kindly Pm. Thanks!
  4. Baby Neon Gonio Frags

    One sold 4 x $25 each 2 x $30 each Remaining. Buy 2 pieces for slight discount.
  5. AF Additives (6 bottles)

    Sold to a steady bro!
  6. AF Additives (6 bottles)

  7. Set of 6. Only used a little for Pro Bio S. Mostly brand new and unused. Stored in fridge. Expiry date shown. Only selling as a set and no individual sales. $50 nett.
  8. Baby Neon Gonio Frags

    Up for the weekend.
  9. Exxe’s reef

    Up for a slow but good and steady start bro! Are those Aquaroche rocks?
  10. $25-30 depending on size. Frags have been around for 2 months and stable. Stay near Sin Ming. Contact only if buying. Thanks.
  11. Unethical Practices

    Very well said. I had my share of painful experiences for both fishes and corals. There aren’t that many Cheap, Fresh and Big Nxxx in the market.
  12. Crocea Clams

    Clam B reserved.
  13. Only used 2x after cycling. Expiry 12/19. $12. Collection at Marymount or Raffles Place.
  14. Crocea Clams

    Calm A sold to a nice reefer!
  15. Crocea Clams

    Clam A reserved.