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  1. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Thanks for the valuable inputs guys!
  2. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    Thanks for the intro on torq. Went k check out the videos and look really impressive. Seriously thinking or replacing my Santa Monica ATS with this. The only issue I have is the extremely small sump for Red Sea reefer. Was thinking of using Clarisea too.... faint...don’t think can fit all 3 in. Unless I change the sump....
  3. My Slice of Nature (Part 3)

    I’m currently using sea chem phosguard and it works for me. Was battling algae issues until I used this. Any recommendations other than a reactor. Btw, I put for about 3-4 days before I remove the media and only use when algae is really bad. Thanks
  4. Chaeto Advantages and Disadvantages

    Got a bag of chaeto from LFS. Almost dumped the whole bag in. Thought it was fat amphipods. Upon close inspection, it was flat worms (tons of it). U never know what “freebies” ur going to get. Better to inspect closely.
  5. WTS: Equipment

    Hi can I take the salt. 9028 3898. Thanks
  6. Baby Neon Gonio Frags

    All reserved/sold. Thanks for The interest.
  7. Baby Neon Gonio Frags

    Update : Red = Sold Black = Reserved
  8. Baby Neon Gonio Frags

    Up. Growing well and encrusted.
  9. Jeebusai Red Sea Reefer 250

    Thanks! LOL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Simple 2 feet

    Looking good bro!
  11. WTS : Yellow Eyed Kole Tang

    Sold to a nice bro!
  12. Jeebusai Red Sea Reefer 250

    Any reefer here with experience in crabs and anemone. Is this normal? If not, who is messing with who. LOL
  13. WTS : Yellow Eyed Kole Tang

    Fish reserved.
  14. WTS : Yellow Eyed Kole Tang

    Keep for 3 weeks at specialized for quarantine in copper tank and with me for about 3-4 weeks. Please don’t ask for discount. Contact only if buying. Thanks.
  15. Feeding on Nori and pellets. Very healthy and eats like a pig. About 8-9cm. Very active too. Have to sell as it terrorizes my beloved fish. Please bring own pail and collect at around Sin Ming area. Price is firm. Contact only if buying. $70. Firm.