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  1. Temporary power shut down

    Bro, can provide the contact nunber?
  2. Is my tank ready?

    No NO3 mean not yet fully cycled. Is best to wait 1 to 2 weeks more. Cause smaller tank parameter spike is faster.
  3. Temporary power shut down

    Bro, got picture how those pump look like?

    Where to collect?
  5. Seachem tidal 55 or 75 for a mix reef

    IMO the HOB filter is not very important as it don't really do anything. If u want to ensure nutrient export is good u need to add thing like polyfilter, chemicure, skimmer. Else diligently water changes is the way to go.
  6. Building tank setup from Taobao

    Haha ya, cause if not 19mm the fish tank will look bend from the side way. I never use hood, feel that during maintainence will be ma fan. I'm a Tang lover so bo bian bite the bullet take a bigger tank. [emoji1787]
  7. Building tank setup from Taobao

    Keep us updated bro. Very Interested to know more also. I'm kind of regret when I do my 5x2x2 tank with bracing. If without brace must use 19mm glass which cost alot. If your approach work well next time I can choing a bigger tank. Hahaha.
  8. Building tank setup from Taobao

    Bro, how u ship the tank? If shipping is done properly I think should be fine. For local tank maker u can find CRA and Aquarium Artist. Heard gd feedback from them. But if u want customised sump do prepare to pay more.
  9. What is this purple thing ?

    Actually don't need, since u only got a bit. U just stop NoPox and dose some beneficial bacteria like Prodiobio Digest, BW Bacter 7 to out compete can liao.
  10. What is this purple thing ?

    NoPox is carbon dosing bro.
  11. WTB big fish

    U guys damn bad.... TS I will suggest u dose NO3 and PO4 if u want to up ur nutrient, unless your tank is big else don't get a big fish in.
  12. My new small 16 litre Nano tank

    Oh husbandry issue. I guess before u restart u need to think about how u going to manage long term if you are busy. If u lazy on changing water then work on nutrient export harder.
  13. My new small 16 litre Nano tank

    How come? U know the Cause?
  14. What is this purple thing ?

    I will siphon it out from the tank. Try to avoid it fall to the sand.
  15. What is this purple thing ?

    Be it good or bad I guess u remove it asap better. Hope is not dino or cyano.