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  1. Ich seldom will kill a fish unless is the powder series tangs so you don't have to worry very much. Now you can choose to live with the ich or eliminate it. Living with ich will required a bit more hard work by ensure your water is good condition and fishes are well fed with vitamins and omega rich foods. If you want to eliminate then you will have to go fishless for 76 days to be safe. You can go fishless with ur invert and coral in your main tank. The only problem will be your quarantine tank can handle all your fish or not? Are you able to manage the bio load while treating them with copper. If not your fish will die faster compare to leaving them in the tank. Nevertheless, I will still encourage you to setup the quarantine thank to handle diesease like velvet, fluke, brook, uronema which is way more deadly and hard to treat when reside in your main tank. If you encountered all these dieaseas you will find ich is nothing much.
  2. water change can keep up with the demand normally.
  3. I remember either pinnacle or SAS got, try calling them and check
  4. what kind of live food your feeding? Pellet should be more nutrient dense compare to frozen food. If u want to buy pellet will recommend TDO Chroma Boost - small size
  5. I using just RO unit and my TDS is 4 - 5. My tap water is 120 - 130 TDS.
  6. Depend on ur budget. 4 to 5 stages is gd enough already. Some bros even use 3 stages.
  7. This idea not bad bro but maybe u want to put 2 weeks to be safer. I also do methylene blue bath after my QT before putting to DT. Maybe I should do Paraguard bath. I kana 3 times suddenly death, suspected velvet. Lucky got QT, now I super scare liao...
  8. No pump how u manage the flow rate?
  9. Copper don't treat brook, only treat white spot and velvet. Only formalin bath effective but u can't get pure formalin in SG. You can try ruby reef rally or seachem Paraguard but effective or not I can't tell. Maybe you can don't do anything and monitor 1st then do 1 or 2 time bath before u put back to Main tank.
  10. I never see a brook in real so can't give accurate advise. But i will base on the below to determine 1) White spot grow at a very fast rate 2) The clown die within 1 to 2 days after u spot the white spot Based on my understanding, white spot is not deadly unless situation is in their favour and somemore is clownfish with thick mucus.
  11. Erm you sure is white spot? If yes, your display tank must be fishless for 76 days. If u want to fully cure white spot u need to do copper treatment for ur fish for 30 days. Just make sure the spot is u c is not velvet or brooklynella else do treat it asap. Clownfish got thick mucus so they may carry the problem but not yet shown.
  12. Other than hailea, the 2 other brand is ok but exp. If your tank is big I will suggest install compressor.
  13. White spot will drop off after a few days. Try observe 1 or 2 more weeks before u put back to main tank. If BT show no sign of sickness then don't need to treat it anymore. Just feed more nutrition food to boost the immunity. Give this little guy a small pcs of seaweed daily.
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