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  1. Same as how u acclimate them into the QT tank. Some reefers will play safe but doing 1 last round of fresh water dip or medicated bath before putting into the main tank.
  2. My QT is only 10 gallon so using a 4 head fan can bring it below 27.5 during normal days. I using a cheap thermostat to control the temp, fan will run when temp is > 27.3 and stop at 27.0. This help to reduce alot of evaporation during cooling days. If your fan run 24/7 very hard to control the temp and water evaporate very fast.
  3. oh ok, cause planning to setup a QT tank for coral using fan. Based on my current fish QT tank generally can stay below 27.5 but sometime weather hot can hit up to 28. I guess should be ok as mainly focus on LPS. thx for the info bro.
  4. 28 degree for LPS and SPS possible?
  5. Better be safe than sorry, u can consider Europe top bracing look much better than normal one. I'm using 12mm for 5x2x2 with Europe bracing.
  6. Just curious what is the chance for training them to eat pellet?
  7. I also looking. Hehe Can keep a look out at SAS they bring in 2 times before but the price very different.
  8. Got a few things u need to consider. Did you use a good thermometer to measure your tank temp after the chiller stop about 15 min? This will give u the actual temp of your tank. Cause when the chiller is chilling, the return flow area will be cooler normally is the sump area. U also need to consider the flow rate to the chiller, too slow ur chiller will hit 25 deg very fast and stop chilling liao. So u need to adjust the flow rate. U also need to set the deg adjustment to match ur tank temp, I not sure about Teko can do this or not.
  9. Still not able to detect the issue on your fish ah?
  10. Depend on what u looking at? All In one or Tank + Sump? Wooden cabinet or Metal frame? Custom make by tank marker or Tank set off the shelf? what type of tank u going for? Fish only? Softies/LPS? SPS? Once u have more idea and based on your budget then u can make ur decision. I advise u go YouTube a bit on how nano tank is setup then u will have much better ideas.
  11. Is better to use RODI water as our tap water is not very gd even for fish only tank. I tried that b4 not quite ok. U can just get the RO unit + booster pump from taobao. The price is very reasonable. Using RO itself I can get 4 TDS without DI, for your case is very gd liao.
  12. Yap, anthias got this problem. Even successfully keep them but don't know why overtime they just slowly died. I guess maybe most of them is not suitable to keep in tank. Yes, lyretail is hardy just need to make sure no aggression can liao. If can, try to feed them frozen copepods like NEarth Copepods once daily, I get gd result after 6 mths. Coloration and health is getting way better. Erm ur gem tang just died out of suddenly or slowly stop eating and died? Zebrasoma is very hardy, can even tank Ick quite well. Sometime sudden dead is a bad sign bro, better take note le.
  13. Bro, it look like brook outbreak. U need to act fast. Below is the link for brook treatment. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/brooklynella.247938/ If can get the Ruby Reef Rally from FNM and do the bath and treatment. At the sametime get Seachem Metroplex from near by LFS and make medicated food and feed your fish in the main tank and observe them closely. Ruby is gd for bath but can also be dose in your reef tank but may not be so not effective. Hope this help.
  14. Anthias is quite prompt from internal and external dieaseas like urenoma. The first few days after getting them is very crucial especially if u are getting those fragile species. For those fragile species, u must start treatment immediately after u get them and make sure you entice them to eat. If not eating mostly with die within 3 days. I got a mix of 12 Anthias (lyretail, bartlett, canberryi) for about 1.5 yrs but so far 4 died liao. Only lyretail and bartlett is more easy to handle, the rest is quite hard. Tempting to try evansi and queen but the success rate too low so give up.
  15. If don't do QT, crushing is just a matter of time only. Nowdays velvet and fluke is getting more common on the fish. Another way is u go LFS that never use any medication on their fish, then only buy fish that is kept at least a 1 week in their store. I believe those LFS will be more careful at handling their fish since they not using any medication. This can reduce the chance of u getting fish with Velvet and Fluke but not 100% as their shipment coming in weekly. Reason for not going to LFS that have medication is because most of the time their medicine is not at therapeutic level so those fish with symptoms is suppressed temporary. After buy home then the symptoms start to come back. Hope this help.
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