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  1. For softies tank pple normally 15 to 20% water change weekly is good enough to keep up with the consumption. I feel softies tank, KH and PH is more important for u to monitor. If u really want to dose u can look at redsea trace color ABCD.
  2. Soak ur pellet with the mysis and make sure is texture is soft. Feed the pellet together with mysis in the morning when they hungry got higher chance they will eat. Try do this a few times.
  3. You can just feed the fish as usual, I don't think ur tank got enough algae to feed the fish. They will eat the algae when during their free time.
  4. Too much bacteria will cause cloudy water and deplete oxygen faster. Too much carbon source may cause cyano.
  5. Coral beauty and Flame is 50% 50%. Emperor angel should be 99% clear ur softies and LPS since coral is part of their diet. Btw 70 gallon is small for emperor also.
  6. Adult brine shrimp close to 0 nutrition. Only just hatch got nutrition but no enough to feed the fish. As snack is ok. Mysis shrimp is better.
  7. Ah beng is for Pro only. Haha. I strike 2 times 4D there now don't dare to go liao. Lucky got quarantine. For SAS, your immunity is referring to underfed or more prone for dieaseas?
  8. Below are some of the places to buy fish and coral. Do go study and understand how to choose a healthy fish before buying. Iwarna Ah Beng Fresh & Marine Sea life aquarium Pinnacle Specialise aquatic solution Aquamarin Coral farm
  9. GFO will help to remove silicate in the water.
  10. For sticking rock I use BSI, find it better and faster. Just need to make sure u dry ur coral area before apply it. For frag plug, I use pure aquatic. Use a bit can liao. For rock, I feel it take too long to stick.
  11. You using the fish to cycle ur tank? How big is your tank? If u can find him a new home will be good. U may want to plan on ur fish list before ur purchase so u can know ur buying order and minimise the aggression to the least.
  12. Damsel fish can be consider as one of the most aggressive group. If ur tank is small or they are first few fish to go in the tank and estabilised their territory then u will have problem adding new fish later. Best is don't keep damsel and if really want then keep 1 only. Btw clownfish also belong damsel family so they may fight each other.
  13. Oh ok, do update bro. I'm thinking of switching also.
  14. Need to be in high flow, so ur placement is ok. How long u out in? Normally will change the GFO every 3 to 5 days.
  15. Your GFO put at high flow area? I don't think marco algae need the balance but without NO3 maybe they grow rate will be slower. I only know carbon dosing need the Redfield ratio. I will suggest to do a 20% to 30% WC and see.
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