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  1. I using caperplus and webcam to check for failure but I'm worry my pump and chiller only. I guess I need to follow ur way add additional pump to the system, install compressor and use chiller as backup. I also check with a few electrician see whether can install some back up power when my house power down but till now not able to do it. Haha.
  2. Oh ok, I thought some coral will melt with high temp. Yap totally agree, stability is the key for reefing.
  3. Bro, how do you handle equipment failure? E.g. return pump, chiller. My fear is it fail and unable to get replacement on the day itself.
  4. Erm I don't think garlic help anything. I never use garlic cause I fear it will damage the fish liver in long run. If u want to treat internal parasite you can use EIHO prazi or seachem metroplex. Take the fish out and treat in QT. Normally 5 to 7 days ok liao.
  5. If u just transferred today then maybe is due to stress. U can observe for 1 or 2 days if still like that than u can treat it.
  6. Bro, got clearer picture for lobo and blasto?
  7. I side track a bit this topic. If moving house, how to transfer the fish and coral? I'm plan to setup new system in new house.
  8. I'm looking for a reliable electrician to do some power & cabling works. Best is understand reefer needs de. Haha. Anybody got gd intro? Thx very much.
  9. There are some white slimy white coat than is on the torch and preventing it from coming out. Any bro can advise what is that. Thx.
  10. Do keep us posted after u complete the setup and doing your cycling. I'm also curious on the tank maker details, can PM me also bro? I'm wanted to see they can help to design a customise sump.
  11. Erm you are right I think bean animal got 3 downflow. But the outlet like bit too high liao, maybe u want to make the pipe longer to avoid splash. But it depend how u adjust ur water level also. Maybe u can trial and error when u cycle your tank that time.
  12. Oh ok. I never study bean animal concept before. U got 1 pipe how come water outlet so high? But look like last over flow?
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