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  1. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Haha, sound gd. Will go check see can run in my tank or not.
  2. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Oh, it look like the submersible filter concept. How many days the filter can last?
  3. How big is the rock? Got measurement?
  4. WTS Rowaphos & DI resin

    Both items sold! Thx.
  5. WTS Rowaphos & DI resin

    DI resin sold! Rowaphos reduce price to $50.
  6. WTS Rowaphos & DI resin

    Both item still available.
  7. WTS Rowaphos & DI resin

    Jurong or central depend on timing.
  8. Selling the below items 1) DI resin left about 45% - $20 2) Rowaphos 1000g, only use once - $55
  9. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Erm then I will have to stick with biopellet else the reactor will be wasted. Guess will give the pellet a bit more time to see how the result.
  10. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Yap, planning to run refugium but I heard that once biopellet kick in the chaeto will lack of nutrient and cannot survive. Now still trying to figure how to make the biopellet more effective.
  11. A bigger piece of Ocean

    I using Nyos testing kit. I don't have coral yet so never on the light for long. Never control PO4, the level remain between 0.15 to 0.2.
  12. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Yap, already try to skim harder. My PO4 is about 0.15 to 0.2. So far no algae issue yet as I only on my light for 1 to 2 hrs per day. Wanted to reduce the nitrate before introducing coral in.
  13. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Yap, having some nitrate issue. Can't get below 25ppm.
  14. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Thx thx. I also looking for ways to do more effective nutrient export. My biopellet is not doing very well.
  15. A bigger piece of Ocean

    Can take the picture of your filter to see see? I also trying to achieve no water changes in the long run.