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  1. Bro, how u control bio load effectively?
  2. Any bros got experience treating flukes in DT? I know one way is to dose Prazi Gold to treat but scare will have adverse result. If you got better method please let me know. Thx in advance. **currently no coral in tank, only got some invertebrate.
  3. help on purple tang

    At night, off all the light around the tank then use 2 nets to catch it. Like this u don't stress other fish also. If your fish is a greedy eater then u can try catch during feeding. Use food as distraction.
  4. Electric consumption

    Hahaha yap, 5x2x2 with a big sump. My temp now is 27+, when put coral will need lower. Guess that time will shoot up even more.
  5. Electric consumption

    Haha is very common bro, before the fish tank my consumption is 220+ electricity unit. After fish tank running is 450+. This haven't include the water bill... [emoji23]
  6. WTS rotifers and copepods

    Bro, got just copepods alone? Where to deal?
  7. WTS Misc items

    All items sold. Thx.
  8. Tank cycling

    Better to complete the cycle then put fish in. You can dose bacteria daily to speed up a bit.
  9. WTS Misc items

    Item 2 & 3 still available
  10. Banana for your fish?

    Haha ok. I will try it when I going to change water. [emoji16]
  11. Banana for your fish?

    Hahaha... I happen to saw a video from this youtube channel melevsreef and he is feeding banana to his fish. so I went to youtube and happen to see got few reefers also doing the same. So I wonder any bros here try out? They mentioned because banana got potassium so no harm feeding as a treat to them. **Banana dissolve fast in water so can only feed a bit else tank will be dirty**
  12. WTS Misc items

    IM Gourmet Defroster reserved for collection
  13. WTS Misc items

    EIHO Metro cure work well together with EIHO Prazi Gold