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  1. 10 days tank on auto pilot

    Great looking tank! Nice acan garden. May I know where you got/made the light stand?
  2. Revoreef 3DM reef sand

    Just a quick update. I'm still having problems with Ca fluctuation and I'm contemplating to remove the 3DM reef sand. I have measured my Ca for the past few days with Salifert Calcium test and have got 370ppm on Thursday, 350ppm yesterday, and 400ppm today. I have not added any Ca supplement as I'm unsure about how I can dose with this Ca fluctuation. Would be great if anyone who had or is still using this substrate to share your experience. As of now, I will be cautious in using this sand again in any reef tank, but don't see any issue using this in FOWLR system.
  3. Acro frag placement

    Hi all, I just started venturing into keeping acros. I saw some tanks online where acro frags were placed very close together, maybe 3-4cm apart. What is a healthy distance I should keep between each acro frag?
  4. Revoreef 3DM reef sand

    Hi all, it has been over 6 months since I added revoreef 3DM reef sand to my nano tank. I have been able to establish the consumption rate of Alk by my corals and have started to dose alk supplement. However, I have measured fluctuation in Cal between 420ppm - 500ppm without dosing any Ca supplement. According to Qi Hu's website about the revoreef sand, the artificially manufactured sand contains minerals and trace elements, specifically mentioned CaCO3, MgCO3, and Mn. I wonder if it's the sand that has been causing the fluctuation, and if so, is there anything I can do to combat the issue? Thanks in advance for all advice.
  5. Hi all, I just started to dose aquavitro fuel for my 170L mixed reef. Instructions on the bottle recommend to dose 5ml/80L twice a week. However, I would like to split the dosage to 2ml daily for my mixed reef. My rationale is that I would like to keep a consist availability of the supplement in the water column, assuming that the skimmer could skim out some content of the supplement every night as it runs. Would there be any possible concerns with this regime? Thanks in advance for all your opinions